Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

Jun 20, 2017, 8:00:23 PM Religion

This morning, I was studying on when I glanced at the daily quote. Often, I get inspiration from the few simple lines displayed on the daily study portal, and sometimes I weave these quotes into articles and divrei Torah. But today, the quote perplexed me. At first, I couldn’t work out why it had been chosen. It quite simply read; ”And Aaron was silent”.

While I pondered over this, trying to find the meaning of these words, thinking of different interpretations and commentaries I’d read, I sat in silence. I wasted no words over my puzzlement, instead choosing to quietly contemplate. And as I realised this, the importance of the daily quote hit me. While I had sat there in silence, I had thought. I had dwelled upon texts. I had used my imagination. And I had reached a conclusion. My silence was constructive.

Sometimes, silence is the wrong thing- or even ossur. In the face of injustice, discrimination, anger or hatred, we need to speak out. We need to argue. We need to correct But lots of times, silence truly is golden. Why? Because when we think, when we explore with our minds, when we pause before we open our mouths, we’re saving others from potential hurt and guarding ourselves against loshon hora. The message of Aaron’s silence is a clear one; think before you speak.

Published by Lily Smythe

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