Jun 6, 2017, 9:13:17 PM News

Three nights ago, I didn’t just hear the news of another dreadful terror attack. I listened to it taking place. I listened to the sirens and helicopters and unearthly noises which continued into the small hours. And amidst this barrage of violent noise, there was a much smaller sound. That of my tefillos. As I sat in the middle of carnage and terror, I begged Hashem to put a stop to this.

And yet, the noise and violence carried on through the night.

The folllowing morning, I learnt of the deaths, and tried desperately to reach out to family and friends. And I tried to utter those words, Boruch Doyon Emes. Hashem is the true Judge. Hashem knows what He is doing. But I couldn’t find those words while I envisaged bodies lying on the bridge, and innocent people stabbed and run over. All I could think of was Moshiach, whom we need more desperately than ever.

If you’re reading this now, I beg you to do just one good deed. One deed of kindness and tolerance and love. One act of chesed. One act of tzedekah. Because if we all come together and each perform one act, Moshiach will come, and terror will end. No matter what you believe about G-d and Moshiach, you must accept that we need love and warmth in a world so cold and dark and terrifying as this one.

So let’s get to work straightaway.

Published by Lily Smythe

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