The First Step to Achieving Your Dream

The First Step to Achieving Your Dream

Sep 1, 2016, 3:32:39 PM Life and Styles

It's nearly impossible to surf the internet as of late without running into some type of motivational quote or meme about the simplest of things. Stop Wishing. Start Doing. or The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.

What is it in these obvious statements that we find so uplifting?

For myself, the greatest motivation lies in stories I hear from people who have taken that first step towards something they're passionate about. I'm not talking about those cheesy infomercials you find on TV at 2am that try to get you to buy a fake step-by-step guide to riches. I mean true stories of people who have made it to those said riches and have chosen a life outside of that towards completing themselves.

Since I was a child I had always dreamt of visiting California, as most do, especially with it being sold as the place of dreams. I'd woken up after finding the perfect flight one day and finally decided I'd waited long enough, purchased my ticket and was on my way.

Now I'd be lying if I said the best part wasn't the amazing weather that never changes or the gorgeous people who are everywhere you look, but the best thing I took away from this trip was inspiration.

Some may look at Airbnb or Uber as inferior ways to travel, but I  strongly prefer them to solitary options like hotels and car rentals. The main reason being is that it's the perfect way to socialize and learn about locals.

During my stay I had two great hosts that shed their insight on each coast's advantages and disadvantages and their outlook on working to make money versus working for happiness. Their views along with several other Uber drivers had been quite similar to my mine. They'd all been maintaining themselves financially while pushing to turn their pastimes into something far greater. You may be thinking okay, they're managing, but they're still driving Uber...

Interestingly enough 2 of the 7 drivers I met had established established themselves in the entertainment industry as an actor and a producer. The producer had worked on films and music videos for major artists in the late 90s and the other who was featured in 42 television shows. One explained that he'd been using Uber as a means of networking in high-end areas of the city to give himself that extra push he needs. Talk about the perfect opportunity for an elevator pitch.

Even though they're both already in awesome positions, they are working to follow a different path that they'd always wanted to seek out. The producer desires to create music, while the actor wishes to write.

Both of these men described these new moves as challenges for themselves with obstacles to overcome for one reason or another. Whether being a terrible speller or never producing an album before, yet neither were reluctant to start.

"I didn't know how to produce videos at one point, but not knowing has never stopped me before." - Craig Anonymous

It's amazing to listen to someone take such a headstrong approach towards the unknown. Better known as a "Leap of Faith". This led me to realize that everyone I'd spoken to had only a positive perspective, including struggles they'd mentioned coming across while trying to make it. Such optimism in each one.

One person around my age went to university with a similar degree to my own. To avoid working that standard 9-5 and working to fuel someone else's dreams, he decided it was far more gratifying to start on his own and began animating. He's now completed several comedic animations and is auctioning them off. That easy.

Not all were looking to drive down the creative avenue, there were some that were working to branch out their own businesses. What they did all have in common was accepting the fear of risk and making the decision to start. Each story  began with the line "I always wanted to" and ended with "and now I'm here".

There is no greater feeling than to accomplish a goal you've set for yourself. Hearing all of these stories is proof that anything is attainable no matter how far-fetched it may sound. The only thing that makes it out-of-bounds is not reaching for it.

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