Crowdfunding in support of your small business goals

Crowdfunding in support of your small business goals

Sep 2, 2019, 12:16:57 AM Business

Crowdfunding is a popular way for people, charities and businesses to raise capital. You can help your business by starting a fundraising drive on a popular crowdfunding platform. How does it work? Way too simple the steps are. When you have decided to opt for crowdfunding, you just need to create a pitch for it by publishing details on your project or brand-new ideas about your business on a renowned crowdfunding website. Now you can avoid visiting a bank. What does crowd mean here? Well, it refers to the individuals or organizations that offer money.   

The concept:

It’s really simple to follow. You need to offer an idea that organizations or individual person would positively support with small contributions. Obviously, if you can make hundreds of people to buy in, you definitely can raise lots of money. Big thanks to the internet, now it is possible to launch your product or service campaign via the crowdfunding platforms. Internet is the only platform that can make you reach to millions of people or funding organizations just within a few seconds. You just need to prepare a good presentation that is able to attract potential backers. Applying a few intelligent promotional ideas, you can successfully achieve hundreds or even thousands of crowdfunding investment sources from potential backers.

How will you use crowdfunding for your business successfully?

Although crowdfunding is more popular in entrepreneur circles it’s often being used by some small businesses to spread out. According to the statistics, millions of dollars are being successfully invested and pledged in the potential projects. 

Here, we have got the most basic forms of crowdfunding. Each of them offers exclusive benefits to expand your small business.


  • Reward-based: It offers a reward for the investment to the backers. When they are backing a prototype service or product crowdfunding investors could achieve early access to buy your products and avail discount offers. Or maybe they can own the products before their fellow customers get. The rewards are not typically limited to the company products. You can get a t-shirt or a handwritten thank you note. To know the exact practice in this field and to smell the perfect essence, you can search for small businesses that use crowdfunding in your locality. See what they are doing, what they are offering their investors. Get some basic ideas about which reward ideas are getting popular most. Then only you can earn a good sense of the investment procedures and associative rewards.
  • Equity-based: Instead of offering rewards, you can use crowdfunding to offer an equity stake of your business to the backers. It has some extra potential to rival standard venture capital. If you are determined to launch the equity-based campaign, start only after understanding the rules strictly. Although these equity-based investment rules are quite complicated crowdfunding for business needs to pursue these kinds of funding to get expanded as a small business prospect.
  • Lending-based: This is a great way to protect a loan because it offers more flexibility and a comparatively lower interest rate. Here also investors seek for certain equity of your business where they have invested their money and that makes it somehow similar to the equity-based crowdfunding. But here, investors can expect a fixed return on the stakes they hold.
  • Donation-based: If you own a non-profit organization, the donation-based crowdfunding can be the best choice to raise fund. Charitable organizations can raise fund as a donation to upgrade their facilities and services. You can offer a feel-good appeal or a tax-exemption for the investors who have helped a non-profit organization in its expansion.

Hundreds of crowdfunding websites exist. Among these numerous resources, a few survive in success levels and popularity. Make sure you are choosing the best and most suitable Crowdfunding Agentur to raise fund for your organization.

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