Realistic Dinosaur Costume- Get the Real Feel of Adventure

Realistic Dinosaur Costume- Get the Real Feel of Adventure

Oct 23, 2019, 3:56:10 AM Life and Styles

The realistic animal costumes have gained much importance in these days. These costumes are used in various events like birthday parties, museum, sporting events, parks, school event, comic cons and many more. The costumes are made keeping in mind the real feeling, looks and the design. One of the popular designs is of the dinosaur that has the feature to roar and make sounds as well. These realistic costumes give the lifelike roar and have similar movements. The costumes are packaged and delivered around the world in special boxes. 

The Main Features of Dinosaur Costume

 This realistic dinosaur costume design is inspired by the western dragon fairy stories. This costume has the shiny eyes, flapping wings, sharp horns and the real-like scales. No matter where this realistic costume is used, it gives the feeling of the superhero. Some of the interesting features of this realistic costume are-

  1. Head moves
  2. Sprays water
  3. Wings moves
  4. The mouth opens and closes
  5. Tail sways
  6. Eyes blink
  7. Spray smoke
  8. Real roaring sound

The Steps to Design and Make the Realistic Dinosaur Costume

There are some of the important steps that are involved in designing and making a realistic dinosaur costume. Check the points below to know-

1. Making of the sculpture

The makers arrange several pieces of foam to sculpt the baby dragon shape in the first step. Sculpting the baby dragon shape is very important as the entire design depends on this. The right measurements are taken.

2. Using The Right Texture

After making the sculpture with the foam, the next step is to draw the realistic texture on the dragon body. The texture should be exactly similar to the real dinosaur. Hence, care should be taken to make the impression of real texture and color. 

3. Working On The Skin

After making the texture, the next step is to work on the skin. The coat of silicone is applied to the foam structure, and scraping is done. Then, the silk stockings are glued on the foam to create the real look of the dinosaur. 

4. Use of painting

After giving the texture and the skin, the next step is to apply paint on the foam body to bring the dinosaur to life. The color can be customized as per the requirement of the customers. There are custom options available. 

5. Packing Done Right

The bubble wrap and foam are put on the dinosaur body to make the packing right and to prevent any sort of damage during the shipment. The bubble wrap protects the product from jerking and pressure. 

6. The Delivery

After the packing is done, the products are delivered to the destined location as per ordered by the customers. Most of the manufacturers provide worldwide delivery to the customer’s doorsteps.

Various Customization Options

The leading manufacturers provide variety of the customized options for the buyers. The shape, sound, color and the texture can be customized as per the requirement of the customers. The shape can be customized. The customers can make the dinosaur suit as per their requirements. The sound customization can also be done by choosing and loading the favorite dinosaur sound in the TF card. The texture requirement should be told to the manufacturers so that they can make the exactly similar one. The color option varies from customer to customer. The buyer should tell the color, and the expert will make the exact masterpiece. 

Where the Realistic Dragons Are Used

The realistic dragons are used in various occasions. This costume is the popular and frequent visitor in the comic occasions, public events and at the parks. Even people like to take selfies with these realistic dragon structures. 

  1. At the birthday parties- You can surprise your kid with the realistic dinosaur costume. Your kid will never forget his or her birthday.
  2. Park- With this costume, you can become the spotlight of the amusement park.
  3. Museum- Keep it in the museum. It will draw the attention of the crowds wherever it will go.
  4. Besides, this costume can be used at the sporting events, comic Cons and the school events.

Thus, Dinosaur Suit is one of the most amazing products used for various purposes nowadays. Order your favorite costume and get it delivered at your home anywhere in the world.

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