Little things are S E X Y

Little things are S E X Y

Oct 4, 2016, 12:16:52 AM Entertainment

Sexy nowadays are being defined as "Sex" and I don't know why. Personally, I find it sexy when guys wear glasses. Damn fine, boy. But, No, seriously. I will set aside my "o-so-sexy-horny-delusional-side".

Let's be real here. It's sexy when your partner do things unexpectedly. Like example, giving you kisses just for you to wake up because you're already late for work or class. Small things are hell'a sexy than those planned ones. 

Isn't it sexy when your partner gives you unexpected hugs, kisses, bite, neck bite, breast bite, ugh---okay No--I am not here for that. Let's go back. Ha-ha. when your partner suddenly lifts you up then kisses you or when you're sleeping like a sloth and you don't wanna wake up, your partner suddenly do weird things to you just for you to get up. When I say weird stuffs, I simply mean for example, rubbing your head, kissing your shoulder or neck, or even your forehead. 

Simply saying "Baby, babe" with the sleepy voice effect is damn eargasm! (Now, I want to hear one. Babe, please? ) No, no, no, Okay! let's go back to the little things. Aside from that, I find it sexy when you do "Deep conversations" with your partner. Like talking about, How was your day, Who made you feel like shit and How ugly is the politics or How bad and unfair the world is, those kind of things. Sharing each others perception is the biggest sexy. Because not only you focus on your own worlds, but to other social issues as well. Sharing intelligence to different kind of fields, and being weird together, and not giving a single f-ck is damn s e x y

Most of the times, my thirsty soul craves for those "Deep conversations" How lucky will I be if I encounter this kind of conversation.

In layman's term, Sexy doesn't only focus on the body itself, but to the inner beauty itself! 


Author's note: Suggesting you guys should try listening to sud's Smilky. Damn sexyyyyyy. (Literally.) 

Again, the photo I used is not mine. All credit goes to the owner. 

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