She's Hurt

     She feels weak, alone, and depress. Nobody knows everything about her. All they see is a girl who always looks like an angry pumpkin, sometimes she laughs and smiles like nothing is wrong. She symbolizes a strong person for she can just smile and laugh though she is really hurt and in pain inside. But, she's really not strong for no one knows how she really cries every night.

     She has friends who's always one call away. They made her laugh like there is no tomorrow. They made her feel that she is in a different world. Nobody can hurt her whenever they are around the corner and that is how protective they are.

     She cries at night to ease the pain. She never speak whenever she wanted to burst out all she feels. You never see her, but she's clinching her fist unto you; but never ever she made it felt by you. She deals deeply with her feelings. Controls it like no one can.

     Now, I am telling you, she's hurt. Don't you dare full her with anger, because you never know what can she do. You never know how much temper she could do just to never hurt you. Let her see the world with her bare eyes. Don't be that someone whom she'll put on her anger. Let her do things she like and discover how wonderful life is. Don't stop her as you never saw her doing bad things. She is really good, especially when she's with her friends. Let her make memories not revenge.

Published by Lira Mae Centus


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