How To Care for Your Microscope

How To Care for Your Microscope

May 1, 2021, 1:06:26 PM Tech and Science

 A microscope is one of the most important pieces of laboratory equipment. However, we do not give much attention to it and misuse it all the time. Well, if you want to make sure that your microscope lasts you for a long while, then make sure to follow the steps mentioned below.

Handling properly

If you want to carry the microscope from one place to another, make sure to carry it from the base and support arm. If you pick it up from the stage or eyepiece holder, it might become misaligned. 

Cover when not using

If you are not using your microscope, I would suggest you cover it in order to protect it from dust and dirt. If the dust reaches the apparatus, it will make the results unclear and inaccurate. At the same time, all you need when using a microscope is accuracy. If you are unable to find a cover, you can use a large plastic bag as a substitute. 

Store at a safe place

If you are not using it daily, store the microscope in a draft-free and dry place. The microscope should not get bumped, wet, or even pushed. It should be at a level to table or bench. 

Clean the lens

After each use, clean the lens with the help of lens paper. If you don’t do it daily or after every use, the oil on the lens will get sticky, and it will attract dust and other contaminants. The use of lens wipes is recommended. Avoid using tissue paper, a towel, or any other things. These things can scratch the lens of the microscope. After some time, get the objective lens clean too. You can get it done professionally. 

Keep the area clean

The area around the microscope should be clean too. Keep your things organized. 

Clean the area every day. It is advised to keep the stage clean from any oil, dust, or dirt. Do not keep the samples next to the microscope. A small and soft brush or canned air can be used to clean the microscope. You should clean the microscope gently and carefully.  


It is said that if you want to increase the life of something, take good care of it. Microscopes are very delicate, and they should be cleaned every now and then. If you don’t clean it often, soon you will have to buy another one. 

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