Benefit The POREfessional Matte Rescue Review

Benefit The POREfessional Matte Rescue Review

Jun 22, 2016, 7:22:37 PM Life and Styles

Hello Beauties,

The other day I noticed my makeup was getting really botchy and Im pretty sure it is because of the combonation of products that I use. First of all my HOLY GRAIL foundation is the Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation, however I also really have been loving my Anastasia Cream Contour Kit and the 2 combined dont really work well. For those of you who dont know, the Kat Vond D foundation is BOMB and it is 100% full coverage, however the formulaiton of it is on the thicker side. When pairing a thick foundation with the cream contour my face will start to get botchy, creasing, and looks cakey so I do not reccomend pairing the two.

With that being said I was curious to know if the Benefit Porefessional would help with this problem. I have been hearing makeup gurus rave and rave about it so I decided to go pick it up. Instead of the regular porefessional, I decided to get the Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue. I choose this one over the other because my skin does get really oily after a couple of hours and I would really like a matte finish. So this is a picture of the front of the packaging and this product claims it is an "invisible finish mattifying gel" and a "break in pore emergency."
On the back of the packaging the product states it is a light weight, water-based gel that overpowers shine and absorbs excess surface oil, leaving a natural looking matte finish. It also notes it is blended with diamond powder which is known for it's soft focus blurring effects so the product claims it will instantly minimize the look of pores.  The directions on how to apply this product say to apply a thin layer all over a freshly cleansed face.

Okay, so now I have taken the product out of the packaging and I am pretty impressed with its size, first and foremost. I noticed there is a big difference in this product and the regular porefessional. As many of you probably know, the regular porefessional comes in a very tiny tube, so I really like that this one is slightly larger and it actually cost about $4 less than the regular porefessional too.  So when using this product I followed the directions and cleansed my face and then applied it all over the face. I didnt notice an instant minimalization in my pores but my skin did feel super super soft after it dried a bit. The product itself it really gel like, which I don't necessarily love/hate. I thought my foundation applied really well  with no problems at all and there was a definite matte finish for me. I was super impressed with the immediate results but wanted to see how long the results would last because like I said my skin does get really oily after so many hours.

After applying this to my face I just did a simple makeup look and went to work. I worked an 8 hour shift. Usually, without this product, after an 8 hour shift my makeup is so patchy and oily and I hate it but I figured it was the end of the day and Im going to go home and wash it off anyways right? Well that works...but then the nights I decide to go out, I have to make a stop back at my house and touch up my makeup so I dont look like a melting icecream cone. Lol. So after clocking out, I took a look at my make up and it LITERALLY looked like I had just did my makeup. I was not oily at all! I had no patches and no dryness of the skin. I normally get patchy and botchy around my under eye area and T-zone and that is because my skin is super oily and the makeup kind of starts to "melt" away. Granted, this is only my first time and try with this product but so far I give it a thumbs up and would 100% recommened this to anyone who has super oily skin and I will definitley be repurchasing when I run out! The packaging claims that 92% of customers said it mattifies shine instantly and I agree with that 100%. It also says 92% of customers said skin feels clean and refreshened when applying it and I believe this is also true as well as 89% of cutomers stating it absorbs excess surface oily instantly.

This product was bought from Sephora at a retail price of $28, but can also be found at Ulta and Macy's for the same price.
Let me know what you beauties think...Have you tried it out? Does it work well for you? Did you like it/dislike it?

Published by Lisa Rios

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