BITE Beauty Lip Crayons

BITE Beauty Lip Crayons

H E L L O    G O R G E O U S,


Welcome back, today’s post will be talking about another VOXBOX. I received the BITE Beauty VOXBOX complimentary for testing/reviewing purposes from Influenster! This is the second VOXBOX I have received in about 3 months of using the app.  It is absolutely free and there are no tricks, so if you haven’t checked them out you should!

This VOXBOX was aaammaazzingggg! I was sent 3 shades of BITE Beauty’s new Matte Creme Lip Crayons, if you are interested in learning more about the products keep reading & like always, be sure to comment, like & subscribe!



In the BITE Beauty VOXBOX I received 3 shades of their new Matte Creme Lip Crayon. The shades I received were Cava, Glace & Red Velvet.

Fun Fact: In the VOXBOX there were 3 lip crayon boxes, unfortunately someone helped themselves to one of the shades (Cava) and therefore I really only received 2 although I was technically sent 3.

Okay, where were we?

Oh yea, so the 2 shades that I actually received were Glace & Red Velvet.


Okay now for some product claims,

The Matte Lip Crayon is said to be a creamy lippie that delivers a matte wash of color. It claims to be made from naturally derived orange peel wax that works to protect and seal in moisture. Lastly the product says it is long-wearing and water resistant for precise application and a bold finish.

Here’s the best part, product review,

The lip crayon is very creamy, they hit that right on the nail, BUT it claims to leave a matte finish and I’m just not seeing it. The product isn’t super dewy yet it’s not matte either. The upside to the non-matte finish is I really feel the seal of moisture on my lips. The lip crayon leaves them feeling hydrated all day!

The product also claims to be water resistant, but I would argue against that. The lippie does not have a dry finish and transfers very easily to clothing, and other surfaces such as skin and straws. When I kissed the back of my hand for the transfer test it literally looked like I drew a pair of lips on my hand with the product itself. The upside to this is it means the pigmentation is really


The precise application claim is pretty true for the most part. When the lip crayons are brand new/unused they have a very fine pointed tip but as they get used and swatched the tips start rounding out and looking more like mine in the picture above. The round shape doesn’t make it harder to apply but you do have to be more careful when outlining the lips. Don’t worry though, if you ever go over your lip lines or it gets a little messy, just clean it up with some concealer! It works every time.

For the most part, I really like these lippies, like I said they are super creamy, moisturizing, very pigmented and they also smell really good. The cons to them aren’t necessarily deal breakers just little white lies. lol but I would definitely recommend them if the cons aren’t deal breakers for you either!

Here are some swatches: Red Velvet on top; Glace on bottom


Have you tried these products? Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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