Almost Illegal Immigrants

What's up guys it's Mackenzie. Before I start my very "interesting" story I would like to say that the schedule for the blog will be Monday/Friday, will be Mackenzie and Adrienne days and we will be alternating these days. And on Wednesday is LittleSisBigSis day  which is Adrienne and I together.

Now to a very interesting story. This happened on Saturday, my friend Hannah and I had a sleepover the night before. We woke up at 11 o'clock like any other teenagers, and later that day we were planning to go on a adventure at Roche Percee. So Hannah had the idea to get the bottles and cans to bring to sarcanin Estevan because they were pretty close. So we went to get the bottles went through 4 bags and then found out that sarcan was closed that day. So we put the bottles back in her shed after all of our damn hard work. We were jobs about to start our journey her brother needed a ride. 

After all the struggles to leave, we finally set off at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.  Then we hustled our asses to Estevan, Hannah as my lovely wife bought me supper at McDicks. As we got to Roche Percee it was practically dark so we spent 15 minutes of a adventure that was supposed to be all day long. This is where it gets interesting, Hannah was turning one way while I said the most brilliant idea I have ever had. I suggested that we should turn around because I remember going down that road, I was completely lying.

So we started driving down this very sketchy road and we started to freak out. I had no idea where we were going. So of course we kept driving for a hour it felt like, I see a road that says NORTH PORTAL if you don't know what north portal is, it is a border between the USA and Canada. We started to freak out because we did not have any of our identification. So we stopped on the side the side of the road. Google maps to the rescue we were back on our hour ride home. We were almost home and Lucas Hannah's brother asks us to go get cheeseburgers. So we wen back to McDonalds and there were these 30 year old guys checking out hannah's butt. 

That was my interesting story of the day. Make sure to follow the blog. An comment what you guys want us to talk about. See ya on Wednesday for LSBS day!!


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