How did the Covid Pandemic Impacted Web Development Industry?


How did the Covid Pandemic Impacted Web Development Industry?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a cataclysmic impact all over the globe, with almost all areas being affected. As a result, many businesses are in the period of struggle, whereas web traffic and e-commerce industries are having some relief, and so are the web design and development companies.

Many sectors are negatively affected by the Corona pandemic, which has also led to economic collapse. However, companies like Live Wire Solutions, Oakville, and digital technology have encountered a surge in demand. This sudden rise is because many companies around the world have digitized their services to survive the crisis.

Areas Responsible for the Rising Demand for Web Designers and Developers

Web designers, web developers, and programmers have all been working to enhance the speed and capacity of apps. Work-chat apps and video conferencing are the two most sought-after products that web developers are presently working on. However, many companies have not entirely collapsed because of the hard work and dedication of a professional web design and development company in Oakville.

There are just a few key industries that have seen a significant rise in the demand for web designers and other tech professionals during the pandemic.


Online shopping has seen a rise in popularity over the past decade. Buying something online is quick, simple, and efficient. Through an online portal, you can buy almost everything from the comfort of your home. People who started an offline business can now transition to e-commerce with the help of web developers. Unfortunately, many businesses, the startups and small-scale industries, in particular, are not aware of the way a professional web design company helps businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Despite the strict lockdown, the entertainment industries have managed to survive. Online streaming platforms encountered a lot of attention when it was prohibited to visiting cinemas and entertainment centers in many locations. Owing to the lockdown, many people had to stay, study, and work from home. However, it became a necessity for online entertainment portals to hire the best software engineers to ensure that everyone at home is entertained. As a result, online traffic skipped for companies like Apple TV, Fudo TV, Netflix, and more. However, many online entertainment companies hired professional web developers during the pandemic.

Social Media

People started maintaining contact with their family and friends through social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc., while in-person interaction was restricted due to the corona outbreak. So far, all social media platforms have reported an increase in user activity during the challenging period. Not only for personal communication but social media nowadays is also used for business purposes. Most importantly, people who had no or less financial resources to create an e-commerce site for their small or startup business started promoting their products and services through social media.


Together with other industries, the academic sector was also affected due to the widespread virus. Students were forced to stay home and study through online lectures in many places around the globe. However, they switched to the digital program of study. Students who got access continued their studies at home through digital resources. Web and software developers did not fail in this field. Students can now have collaborative learning, do online practices, and conduct teacher-students interaction through the web and mobile application.

Virtual Conferencing

Virtual meetings or video conferencing is one of the most critical components of the COVID era. App developers have been working hard to create and maintain apps for video meetings. These apps allow people to video chat over the internet from any city or country they may be. As a result, many companies encountered significant gains and started employing experienced web developers to gain more and more ROI, while some companies experience losses.


Another industry that required software engineers more than ever during the Coronavirus outbreak is the healthcare industry. As medical researchers searched for a cure and developed a vaccine, the dedication of hardware and software developers was equally important. As said and believed, artificial intelligence-based apps helped in the research and development of the Covid vaccine. Besides, healthcare apps became increasingly popular as people started believing them for their health checkups and prescriptions. In addition, an increasing number of people believed in having a smartwatch or a fitness tracker to stay fit and healthy. Apple is believed to have the most significant number of smartwatches sold during the pandemic.