Most luxurious healthcare product that you can find online and Store

Most luxurious healthcare product that you can find online and Store

When it comes to healthcare, spending your money doesn’t matter as healthcare equipment provide you comfort along with numerous health benefits. There are many healthcare products available in the market and today we are going to check out one of the luxurious top-rated Healthcare product Massage Chairs in depth below.

What are the types of Luxurious Massage Chairs?

The last luxurious healthcare product in the list includes the LI6001A Massage chair from Lixo with plenty of health benefits. The body design provides the streamlines and better look. The velvet touch and comfortable feel make the customers more satisfying to take the massage. The massage chair looks strikingly beautiful and holds numerous health benefits for the customers. The massager is best for providing immense relief from pain, aches or strain of your whole body

What will you find in LI6001A Lixo Massage Chair?

  • The Zero Gravity features help to make the customer lie on their backside and in this case the leg and seat parts move to a special angle and allows the whole body to be comfortable and provide a feeling of weightlessness condition.
  • The seat, leg, and backrest will be turned to the limit position in the zero gravity function and help to offer the customer with a great feeling.
  • The newly design touch button controller makes the operation quicker and easier.
  • There are four different automatic massaging techniques and can be chosen based on customer requirements.
  • The intensity, massage speed, and other factors can be altered manually.
  • The smart touch makes the massage chair convenient, durable for maintenance and cleaning.
  • The reflexology is one of the unique feature included in the LI6001A massage chair which is used for professional foot therapy.
  • There are three different strength levels for the leg massage.

About Lixo:

Lixo is one of the World’s No.1 Massage chair providers and all products listed above are manufactured by the Lixo Technologies. We are also India’s top-rated massage chair manufacturers. We produce these chairs with 100% quality and are proud to say that most of the customers of our Massage chairs are Doctors. Lixo also provides relax and go stations in airports, malls and other significant places all over India.

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