rooms with kilim rugs (including mine).

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For a few months now I’ve noticed vintage kilim rugs popping up all over my favorite design sites and instagram accounts. I’ve written before about my love for vintage/modern collaborations and I’ve come to the conclusion that these textiles are the perfect item to add some vintage aesthetic to any space.

When I moved earlier this summer we had a space between our living area and kitchen that needed a little design love. I had read that Etsy was a great resource for finding vintage rugs and vendors who would ship overseas. Etsy turned out to be almost too great of a resource because I spent an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through page after page of rugs trying to decide on the perfect choice. I ultimately settled on a 50+ year old vintage rug from vendor SilkRoadRugs in Turkey. The rug arrived exactly as pictured and the shipping was remarkably fast. While I can’t vouch for every vendor on Etsy, I would certainly recommend this one. The rug I purchased is pictured below. Continue scrolling to see more of my favorite examples of rooms with kilim rugs from around the web.

Please excuse the terrible lighting of this photo – my apartment windows cast very long shadows in the afternoon.

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