Fit for Two Review

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Fit for Two Review

This pregnancy I have really been trying to stay more active. Even though I have gained about the same amount of weight this pregnancy my body/bump is much smaller. I have felt much better, and have had less swelling than I did in my last pregnancy.

I have been using Diary of a Fit Mommy's 12 Week Fit for Two Workout Guide for my pregnancy workouts. I love her plan because it is reasonably priced at $49 and has a section for each trimester. The workouts are easily achievable and the only equipment you need is one set of dumbbells. Each workout consists of about 5-6 different moves that will be repeated 3 times. The workouts average to be about 20 minutes a day but she does recommend you complete some type of cardio training in addition to the strength training (running, walking, swimming, biking, etc.) The workout plan is a download that you may immediately download after purchase to your computer, tablet, or phone. Being the OCD person that I am, I printed mine out and placed it in a binder.


Time: 20-30 minutes

Location: At home

Equipment needed: 1 set of dumbbells

Price: $49 I did the math so that you can see how affordable this plan is! No matter how you look at it, it is WAAAAY cheaper than a gym membership! 

  • $4.08 a week for 12 weeks
  • $2.04 a week for 24 weeks
  • $1.36 a week for 36 weeks (Entire pregnancy give or take a little)
  • $0.92 a week for one year (I plan to use this plan during the beginning of postpartum until I feel ready to follow her new Strong Body Guide)

Workout days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday. - Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday are rest days but you can always workout if you would like.


I highly recommend you check out her stuff. Here is a link to her website and blog. I LOVE her Instagram feed because it is filled with great motivational workout ideas and real life mom life struggles. Go check her out!



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