31 Days of Halloween: Horrific Crimes

31 Days of Halloween: Horrific Crimes

When the police got into the cellar, it looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie. There was blood in the walls, pooled on the dirt floor, the room smelled strongly of iron, sweat and rotting meat. The first cop in was also the first out and into the bushes. In the middle of the old dirt floor, motionless in a large pool of congealing blood, was a body. A man's body, he appeared to have been dead a long time. The cops were stumped. The coroner took the body away, crime scene techs littered the property. 

The blood in the cellar was from 15 different people, including the body, which was identified as Frank Metcalf.  The coroner was stumped after the autopsy, cause of death appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head, but the injury was old and seemed to have partially healed. The second cause of death and the source of the blood pool was 72 stab wounds throughout the body, someone was in a frenzy. Cause of death was listed as "Homicide". 

Lily is still listed as missing, they are testing her DNA, from personal items her family turned in, against the blood at the crime scene, it could be months before anything comes back. The cops are spooked, they won't admit it but something inside the cabin has everyone on edge. Nobody is talking. It has to be more than what Lily wrote about. I feel compelled to break in, nobody is guarding the cabin, they couldn't get anyone to stay and it's a small town that wants this to go away so they don't expect anyone to go out there which is exactly why I am going. I know how stupid it is but I need to know what happened to Lily, why was everyone found but her?

Since it's dark, I drove almost right up to the property, I am sitting in my car, building up the nerve, hoping I am hidden enough back here. I can see the cabin looming menacingly. They want to tear it down and plant more trees, they want to cover up this horrific crime. 

I'm going, no more stalling. If I disappear then I hope they find this. Lily's journal brought closure to the other families of the missing, just not me.  I need to find my closure....

(To be continued...)

From the Author: 
I apologize for missing a night, time got away from me. You will get the second part soon. Check back in a couple hours

Published by Liz Zemlicka

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