31 Days of Halloween: Mephisto and The Faustian Contract

31 Days of Halloween: Mephisto and The Faustian Contract

[Transcription from voice recordings]

I have organized these recordings in order. I don't know what to say...

[10/05/16 0327]

Fumbling noises like someone can't hang on to the phone for some reason. Zoe's voice is slow and slurred, as if intoxicated. After thirty seconds of this, you realize that she is mumbling to herself, almost in a trance. I had to slow the recording down as best I could but it sounded like "this isn't real." Over and over. I don't understand. 
The door creaks open and Zoe made a frightened gasping sound, heavy foot steps get louder and louder. I I really want to fast forward past all the background noises, but I just can't bring myself to do it, my finger is frozen and hovering over the fast forward button. 

There's a faint "ping" noise and the groan of a mattress protesting against the person sitting down. "You shouldn't have come here" the quiet, whispering unfamiliar woman's voice was so light, her words seemed to float in the quiet room. "What happened to you?" The strained voice of Zoe whispered, her voice cracking. "That's a long story, I brought you some water, I thought you would be thirsty" slight rustling in the exchange of the water cup. The voice continued "you came out here looking for me. I knew you would and that's why I dropped the journal, I hoped it would change your mind about looking for me. You sweet girl...stupid, but sweet..." she trails off a bit as if getting lost in thought. 

Then, this happened...a blood curdling scream, high pitched and terrified. Scared me so bad I threw the tape recorder across the room and stared at it like it just insulted my mother. 
Moving on...

This next part I rewound a few times and I'm still not sure what was making the noise, it was a low, trembling, almost angry sounding growl. I have never heard anything make this sound in my life, it sounds inhuman. Then Zoe speaks, or tries to with her voice shaking so bad it's hard to understand her but I think she said "who are you? What's your name?" 
"In time, my dear...you're friend wants to help you sneak out, she forgets that I am in her brain. Just so you are aware, that is a bad idea!" It hissed, it's voice was so cold, I got chills from my toes to my head. 

It continued "by all accounts you're friend is dead, consider me life support." Then it cackled, loud and shrill, I can hear faint sobs in the background.  The sons continue for a minute then she croaks out "why?" 

"Well honey, I own this town.  Always have, I spend my time watching certain people, ones that dream big and have a lot to lose...like Frank.  Then I make my move, start chatting get them to tell me their dreams of the future and I make my offer, they always jump at the chance and until Frank came around, they all did what I asked.  Frank was a wildcard, I misjudged him. That is embarrassing". A quiet pause, then. "Is there anything you want my dear?" 
Silence, except for little sniffles from across the room. "What is your name?" Her voice was shaky and cracking. "Mephisto, I over see all contracts and collect on them when the time comes, now I know you want something, I can see it all over your face". 

"Yes, there is something..." she sounds nervous and unsure and I have a feeling I know what she is about to agree to and I don't believe it will end well. 

"You want your friend back and put back together like Humpty Dumpty" "yes
"Consider it done, there is one thing you should know, I have to wipe her memory or she will slip into a coma and then you will be mad at me and we will have to do this dance all over again
It sounds amused when it says this. 
"Fine I won't say anything to her, what do you want from me?
"I will want a different girl to hide my true form, I will come to you when it's time to pay up. Don't even think about taking lessons from Frank's book, that didn't go well for him". 
"You want me to kidnap a young woman for you? Are you kidding?
"You will do it or no deal, the cops will think Lily went insane and she will be found and locked up in a mental institution for the rest of her life, which won't be long

The recording stops here, I can't find the rest of it but I am pretty sure neither one of those girls have been found. The police need to hear these. 

Someone is outside my window, there's scratching on the glass. All I can think about is that conversation I wasn't supposed to hear, I just heard glass break. I'm under the bed and can feel the heavy footsteps getting closer and closer...
"Olivia, I know you're here and I know you heard the recordings, we need to talk sweetie!" I'm reasonably certain this is Lily, or used to be anyway. 


I wait silently, trying to control my breathing.  I am sure she can hear my heart thumping.

It's quiet now, I think she's gone.  I'm not coming out yet...oh my god!! There is two pairs of red glowing eyes staring at me from both sides of the bed. 

Someone please find this and help!


[The missing girls continued for almost a year, they either went unsolved or the whole town was under a trance, from this self proclaimed demon.  Nobody was safe anywhere, the mayor declared a citywide curphew and no one was to be alone anywhere.  Even with the state of emergency, the population dwindled,it wasn't just the young women that were vanishing anymore, those that were left were scared.  The ones that packed up and left town were never heard from again, their vehicles parked in the ditch near the city limits, empty.  Someone was turning the town into another Roanoke colony.  

Someone had spray painted "HELP US" over the city sign.  Over time, 'no one remembered the little town or what happened there. This is what happens when you break a Faustian Contract.]


Published by Liz Zemlicka

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