Live Like You Have An Expiration Date, Leave Smiles in Your Wake

Inspiration is supposed to be inspiring. 

It shows up when you least expect it and it blooms like a flower. 

A chat with a person with an expiration date whose outlook is one of positivity and cheerfulness, which spreads faster than a virus. Someone who says that life is too short to worry about the inevitable and would rather spend their final days with loved ones being happy. 

It is those people that can change everything. It is impossible to feel sorry for them and that is their ultimate goal. Instead you are happy to have met them, and you start to rethink everything. 

Because, you see, we have become entitled, and self absorbed. We walk around like the world owes us something and when we don't get our way we have temper tantrums.  When did this happen?  Why has it become acceptable to be rude and treat people like dirt to build ourselves up?  It is no longer expected that we put in any work to get what we want and everything is about money.  People pop out kids left and right just to get free hand outs, ultimately screwing over the families who actually work hard to never get ahead. 

Accountability is a thing of the past. Blame someone else for your downfalls and instead of learning from mistakes, they continue to be made. I have a very personal reason to loathe the "it's not my fault" mentality, my kids get grounded for pointing fingers at anyone else for their mistakes. To me, this mentality is teaching kids that it is ok to be verbally and emotionally abusive to others, as long as it's not your fault.  

Life is too short to act like a self entitled asshole. The world owes you nothing. 

Everyone can learn something from the dying. Life isn't fair, but you are in charge of you and if you want something, earn it, it will mean so much more to you knowing how hard you worked for it.  

If you don't like it done to you, don't do it to anyone else. If someone is nice enough to help you out, help someone else out. Because you catch more flies with honey, and because cheerfulness spreads faster than douchery. 

Besides, it will make you feel better about yourself and that's the ultimate goal right?  

Live every day like it's your last and be remembered for what you have done for others. 

Karma will notice even if no one else does.  Lets stop the quick judgements and get to know someone first, you never know what someone has been through until you ask. 

End the cycle of abuse. Take responsibility.  Love yourself.

Be remembered with a smile.  Be inspiring.

Published by Liz Zemlicka


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