Love Yourself

Love Yourself

I feel I need to make up for my lack of self control by being uplifting.

I'm no feminist, I'm not going to fight for rights that us women already have but I will fight for self esteem and using your full potential.

I touched on my story a bit in my rjant, I don't like getting too personal so I will go over the Cliff's Notes. I was married once before, for all the wrong reasons. We didn't marry because we were in love we married because we had a 2 year old son and it made things legally easier. Stupid.

He wanted someone to clean up after him, someone to support him financially and someone to put down to make himself feel better. He stayed home with our son but didn't watch him, he was much too busy playing video games, while I worked 50-60 hours a week.

Then he decided to join the military, I hoped this would make him grow up but I was wrong. When he was about to get his sign on bonus, he disappeared and checked himself into the county hospital psych ward and proceeded to tell anyone who would listen that I abused him and I wouldn't let him out of the house (he had a car).

That's when I finally said enough, that's when I stood up and said "I am more than this, I don't need to put up with this anymore" and that's when I changed my life, I learned to love me and I learned that in order to succeed, I needed to believe in myself.

None of this happened overnight, and it definitely didn't come easy but I did it. My attitude is positive and now I succeed in everything I do, and that doesn't mean I make no mistakes, that just isn't possible, but I learned that mistakes have to happen or we will never learn anything.

I still catch myself in self doubt, I just know how to handle it better now.

I am strong enough, brave enough and good enough.  Nobody else will ever get the best of me.

Believe in yourself and love yourself and everything else will fall into place.

Published by Liz Zemlicka

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