Going for Gold

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? I hope you are all having a fantastic day/evening. The Olympics are in full session now and I have been watching daily the various qualifying and medal sessions. I love the Olympics and I am obviously rooting for team GB to do well and so well they have performed fantastically. Every four years I look forward to the summer Olympics and watching all the countries compete in various events. I find it so captivating to watch someone perform and compete in something they are so passionate about and have trained hard for over the past four years. The dedication and determination it takes to train on a daily basis at a particular discipline is incredible and really inspiring. I admire all their motivation and determination and one day can only hope to be as half as successful as all of them. I mean what an achievement it is to go to the Olympics and represent your country despite whether you finish in a medal position.

I am sure you have all heard the saying ‘do what you love’. I couldn’t live by this more! I know not everyone agrees with this advice and to be honest that is a personal choice for everyone but for me it really is key motivation and it must be for the athletes too. They must love what they are doing otherwise why would they get up really early to train on a daily basis and practise so hard for something? They simply do because they are passionate and love what they are doing.

I know sometimes there can be a million different reasons as to why you believe you cannot do what you love but there are always ways around those obstacles and a way to grow your passions. Just keep faith. ‘I’m convinced the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.’

Some of you may even be sat here reading this thinking that you don’t know what you are truly passionate about and that’s okay, just keep searching and you will eventually find something you love. Keep searching and don’t settle until you’re satisfied!

It’s easy to see other people around you successful or doing something that they love and wanting to try that but it’s okay not to always follow the trends. I know I have been there myself, but really the best way is to be original and unique and be true to who you are. Comparing yourself to other shatters your confidence and focuses your mind on your flaws and imperfections when you should be focusing on your talents and abilities because we all have different things we excel in.

‘The only way to great work is to do what you love.’

So often we find something we love and then do not have the courage to pursue this as a career out of fear of what people might say. You just have to find the courage to follow your heart and dreams. The only way you will be happy and content is when you work a job you love and surround yourself around supportive people who build you up and want nothing but the best for you. Remember having a career and going to work will fill a huge part of your life so you may as well work a job you love, that way will you really work a day in your life? Yeah okay you will but at least you will be happy working in a profession you love and are passionate about. For me, I’d definitely rather know that I had failed at something that I loved and was passionate about rather than being pretentious and pretending to be someone I am not just to live a successful life.

I also know how hard it is to keep going when you are not seeing the desired results. It’s so frustrating when you are working incredibly hard every day and you just don’t seem to be progressing or you are not where you want to be. That’s okay! It’s not going to suddenly happen, you have to patient and just consistently try to improve and grow. It’s so easy as well to judge your success against someone else’s and wonder why they are doing so much better. People are at different points in their lives and your time will come, it may just be later on than someone else’s but it will all work out in the end if you have the courage to continuously pursue your dreams and ambitions.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this has helped at least one of you. I really hope we can all live purpose driven lives where we are doing something we are so passionate about and something we love.  I hope you all grasp every opportunity possible and strive to grow and develop not only as people but grow your passions too. Thank you so very much and I will speak with you all shortly!

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