A Generation for the Broken

Here I am 27 almost 28. Single for the last 2 years; trying to date! Ahh what an impossible task in my new hometown of Myrtle beach. I've had this new thing called ghosted (hang out then never hear from them again) happen many times, and told that they are just too broken to be fixed. I don't want to really fix anyone that's not what dating is, but what I am seeing is that so many people in my age group feel like there past is defining them, and their ability to love. Now, don't get me wrong I'm slightly broken in ways myself, it's hard for me to let people in and get close to them, but the universe loves me, and sees the love I put out and in return sends me men whom might be to my liking. My question is why are we all broken? The answer that pops up the most is the lack of love and attention given to us by our parents. Even mine is from the same. The other question why do we let our past hold us back? The answer is because everyone seems so broken they all feel like they can't and won't love and on top of that in this day and age everyone has the ability to cheat and lie so easily. I write this article because so many beautiful people are self harming and sabotaging themselves, and it has got to come to a stop. We are capable of giving and receiving love, we need to get out of this victim mentality and be the strong souls we are. If we keep letting our past define us we will be nothing to this world. All these broken souls looking for relief in other ways , drugs , sex, self harming ways. It's time to face ourselves and say "WE ARE NOT BROKEN. WE ARE SOMEONE IMPORTANT, AND LOVED." It's time to grow up, and not let our past be who we are in the present. It's affecting your love life and your personal growth. Break free of the negative self talk and harm and be open to everything in life.



Sending you all love and positivity


Published by Lo Cal IG Lo_Cal_710

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