As the new year rings in

 So here it is! just weeks away, and 2017 comes rolling in. As adults time is only speeding up, we are so focused on so many things that time is flying by. Today I ask you make real resolutions, not those crap one that say I'll start working out and mean it. I will give you my years resolutions:

*Put a down payment on the Land I want to buy In TN

* Buy a New car

* Do more work with NASA

*Keep my book club alive

* Progress with my yoga

*Do all the Marathons I have planned

*Pick up two new hobbies

*Take at least three trips

* Make money for my writing

So as you can see I have some outstanding goals I am trying to meet next year. As of now I workout daily and lost over 52lbs, I practice yoga daily and pretty much have my headstands down. I've had my book club for three months , I'm a mom, have a blog, work two jobs and now took on this site to branch out more. For the year 2017 become the most you can be . You are only limited by your mind and what you say you can and can not do; who you can and can not be. I ask all who read this! Are you really living life? Are you reaching towards your higher self, are you physically your higher self? Most will answer No. This is mostly due to the fact we get into a routine, we get comfortable with how life is rolling along, but me I don't feel comfortable unless life is moving as I move. For those living to your highest potential reach out to those we see who are not. Become a leader and help raise the consciousness of our universe.  

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