My Favorite Power

                    Well this may sound weird and I may hit many powers used in one, but my favorite power is my sexual persuasion so to say. Now as I said in the first line this power is actually a few powers in one. Let me start off by telling you a little about me. I’m a horn ball no doubt about that. I’ve always been the type to be shy, and quiet, but when I see someone I’m interested in I send off direct energy to them letting them know through the feels that I am interested. I’ve notice this power growing strong since I’ve moved to a different state where I know no one, but I first noticed it a few years ago when I was with my now ex of 4 years. When the sex was lacking; which it happens in relationships I tended to use my powers of One! Image projection…With this I would pretty much mediate on us Fucking (sorry if it’s graphic for some) Two!! Feeling Projection I could send my hornienss over to him and in seconds see the arousal. Now this may not seem like a super power, but sexual energy is one of the strongest positive energies next to Love. But, with that being said I’ve learned how to take Image and feeling projection and utilize it in other ways, but sexually is my favorite. LOL being young and dumb one of my tattoos it the symbol for lust. When I first got it it stood for my sexual lust, but now it means the lust I have for Life.

It’s thanks to my Lustful needs I have expanded my powers, using lust to manifest the type of guys I want, helping me get closer to the one, and also in helping open up more powers. Because I’ve mastered projections I also opened myself up to feeling. My hands itch and tingle and vibrate.

So this power may be odd, and maybe I told you to much about myself but when you use the good energies to open up and manifest then you allow all your other powers to come to light.

So in closing love sex, be open to however the universe wants you to reach for your higher self, and never be ashamed of what you love. I did say I was shy; kind of why I started a blog to be open about who I am and How I am becoming a Master.

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