My Spirit and a New Year

It’s a new year. Time has flow by yet again. We all have set some goals for ourselves as we do every year. For me my biggest resolution is to be centered. No more miss nice walk all over me Lauren. I’m not becoming a bitch by any means, but I am allowing some of the old assertive and aggressive Lauren come back. I think that sometimes while in a deep spiritual path you can lose yourself in the sense of you want to do so right for yourself and others, but  you really just get lost and mislead. Now a Master path is one of being lost, but it is that of finding strength and stability within yourself. In being the spiritual person whom wants to be good to others we tend to give more. knowing when it’s good for both parties and when it only taking from you can sometimes blur. Remember that everything is a lesson. People are our reflection’s. I hated my reflections last night, I love him so, but his distance towards me shows me my distance towards others. I crave him dearly, but If I can’t open up; how can I expect him to?!

My spirit this year yearns for freedom and love, and this year I am working on giving it exactly what it wants. My goals are set and I am on the move to make mountains into dirt holes. This years is my last year of living in the negative. being judgmental , and not being open. I grew up taking care of myself as a kid. My family has never been close and affectionate and that has hurt  my ability to open and close to people. This year I want to loosen up, lose a little control and be free and loving. I want to learn that attachment is okay, but that keeping things slightly detached is even better.

I love that I started this blog because as I write, I open myself to see more of me, so as I wrote this I realize my real resolution may be to be more centered, but in order to get there I have to work on my attachment issues, and my willingness to be open to others.

What is your biggest resolution this year? How do you plan to accomplish this?

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