My welcome blog from my Wordpress site!

My welcome blog from my Wordpress site!

The Human Me


Hello, and Good Day!!

I’m Lauren or Lo as some of my friends call me. I have created this blog to document my spiritual journey, and to help others grow as I grow. I’d like to tell you about myself, and my life up until this point which is the age of 27. As a kid I moved between my parents a lot through elementary school. Finally I settled with my mom in 4th grade. As the years progressed, and I got into middle school I started noticing that I was different. I liked a lot of off the wall things that my class mates would never be into. I did yoga a bit in the mornings, listened to African dance music to pump me up before school. For a time I even thought I was a witch; I actually still do in the sorts that nature Fuels me, and drives my God given power to higher levels. Right before I entered High school my mother was pregnant, with only a few weeks left to go before she popped she lost my brother Dyson. At the age of 14 I could not understand why God, and at the time I did believe in a God who watched over me would allow for this to happen, and allow me to feel the pain I felt, so I shunned the idea of a God and became Atheist.  In high school I was a worker and a lonely kid. Not allowed to go out and be a normal teen molded me into this silent , but strong leader.  In school I was academically strong, and into various activities that made me shine. Though I did not believe in a God my parents still sent me off to Church camps to get me out of their way. At the age if 17 I met my sons father, the age of  19 I had my son whom is now 8. It was very hard for me to be a parent at first. I raised myself how do I know what parents should or should not do. Around 22 I slowed down on the partying, and started running which led me to the river where I would sit for hours just listening to music, and my thoughts. This is when I first became aware of my connection to source, and that all along I had this connection even as a kid. I wanted more! Once you taste for the cup of life you can never go back. Now 25 I have been growing close to GOD yes God. It and I were never not close, but yet it laid dormant till I was ready to come back to my center. I no longer though I wasn’t close to God; I now knew I was God and have all it’s power within me. I moved to South Carolina that year for though I was connected to the higher me I was not living at a Higher me rate, so to move was what the universe wanted. At 26 I got into my first legal trouble, though scared I knew I’d be okay and I was. Left with nothing living in a tent away from my son I got back on my feet with the power of life and love behind me. I got us a home, new job , I now work two jobs. We live the life. I work out, do yoga, hit the beach ect. To this day a year later I am grateful for knowing that I am GOD, and that I have to trust and believe in myself, and if I keep dreaming, and making step towards those goals I will have all my heart desires. So here I am! A God and Goddess for I am mastering both the masculine and feminine side of self, as you must to meet your highest potential. Always a tomboy the girly part is what I’m learning. Now this blog is to help others who are on the path  or who want to get on a path to enlightenment and full potential. You may agree with me some days and disagree with me others but that’s okay because though the end point for all of us is the same the path may not be. Be open, share you love and dislikes lets grow together.



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