Reflecting on my surroundings

    I feel like this is my year. I am in a forward alignment with time and space. All the synchronicities make me believe all my deepest yearnings are in the works to manifest this year. Today I write because as I am at an all time high all I seem to run into is low frequency people. People who are stressing, and struggling to get a grip on life. Now I live at the beach, moved here almost three years ago, and I see how the people here are. Most addicted to drugs, and the party life. How could they not be; we live in a tourist town, but with that they all have no grasp on life, and no motivation. As I try to date most of the guys I am into have an assortment of problems. Now I am not perfect, but my flaws are small, and my problems are almost non-existent. I dare not judge; that's why I tend to give them all chances, but am I here to motivate a town?! I know the universe uses me to help others, I've been a light for many people, a friend to whomever may want a  hand. I'm in a period of reflecting on my surrounding. I keep saying I want to move from this town and many don't understand why, but as I grow I seek more like minded people and I don't see them here. I can't lie this has me feeling lost; still in search of a place to call home. I've always been a loner , and as the years past I look to isolate myself more and more, looking to move onto land and become self sustaining away from people. I don't want to become a hermit, but I'm not feeling my surrounding.

Do any of you feel this way? Do any of you take a step back and really evaluate your lives and the company you keep?!

Published by Lo Cal IG Lo_Cal_710

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