The Color of Late Night

The Color of Late Night

    The air was crisp on that late Thursday night, Lo was enjoying a night under the stars as she rarely ever had off. As always a book was in her hand; deep into her reading she had not noticed a figure walking up her stairs. Finally a crunch of the leaves caught her attention and as she looked up S was at her feet. "What a surprise, you do know I have a phone right?" Lo spouted out in utter surprise. No response came from S. Lo knew at that moment that he felt like she was his for whenever he wanted. S walked past her slowly lightly grasping her thigh as he sat next to her. She could tell there was a lot on his mind, so she did not speak; for them just to be was enough, and she loved that dearly.

   About ten minutes pass and S says "what have you been up to? I haven't been over in a bit." Lo responds " just the normal working, working out, reading, spending time with my son, what have you been up to?" Yet again no response from S. Lo gets up and walks past him he reaches for her pulling her onto him. He rubs her back, and she leans back and kisses his neck. Excited and slightly annoyed Lo hops up; not really sure of what to make of his mood she stands at the railing. "I've had a lot going on Lo, as you can see I'm still deep in thought as to how to deal with my problems." as S states this he gets up and stands behind Lo throwing his arms around her neck. Lo kisses his arms gently. More moments go quietly by, and suddenly S takes one hand and intertwines his fingers in Lo's curls moving them off her neck , gently he pulls her neck back revealing her plump lips. He lowers his mouth to hers the first kiss is sweet , and Lo's knees weaken as she turns herself to him. Lips lock again, tongues thrash, both pull each other closer. His hand slides down the back of her shorts, he grabs a handful of her ass.

  They let out a gasp as if they had missed each other dearly. S spins Lo back around pressing his cock into her from behind. He was throbbing so hard she could feel him through his shorts, Lo pushes her ass back on him slightly arching her back. S slides his hand up her shirt releasing her breast from her bra exposing it to the cool air. Kissing her neck from behind S lowers Los shorts. Completely bare S slaps Lo's ass letting the jiggle hit his cock. Lo's reaches behind releasing S's cock, he smacks her ass with it, slides it between her cheeks and Lo shakes it for him. Ready to explode S slides into Lo, she's tight, and soaking wet. Cars pass by, but nothing stops S; he bends Lo down so she's touching her toes. As he pounds his problems into her she moans , she tries to run, his hand wraps into her curls again , the other hand around her neck ...he's not letting her go anywhere. S whispers into Lo's ear "I can feel your pussy spreading for me." That set Lo off as she orgasm's squeezing S so tightly he cums with her. He release his hold on Lo, and she gathers herself. Still quiet Lo sits back down with her book, S reaches over and grabs it. The end the night with him reading to her for hours. Just before the sun comes up he leaves; leaving Lo with so many unanswered questions and the only thought of when will this happen again.....................

Published by Lo Cal IG Lo_Cal_710

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