The Lone Wolf and Love

  In my The Master’s Path post I talked about how lonely being on a spiritual path can be, and even today I happen to click on someone else blog who spoke to me through their words. Days where you feel extra sensitive to the things you feel you want and need are hard. Today I broke down. I’ve been single for almost two years now, not a really long time, but enough time to see what you truly seek in a mate, and to realize or to think you realize that I are ready to be with someone again; but as I try to date nothing works out. Being an Alpha female you are strong and dominate . You are fearless, but provoke fear in others. Is my energy to strong right now? I think so. I feel as though I want to love someone, but as it seems I am still working on me and who I am meant to be. The crowed I am around is not on my level; though many like to think so. So as I broke down I found myself saying I just want to be able to give more Love out to the world . Love! Love is what we are here for. To give it, and to receive.  As I break down the voice inside me say “Lo you do a great job of giving love out, so stop feeling like you’re not doing enough.” I stop and breath for a second, I speak out gratitude for my voice . The Masters Path is meant to break you and replace you; it’s there to change your beliefs and Ideas on what is and what should be. There is no outline to this life other than to be good, and do good, to love and receive love.


In the end all I am saying to you is lose yourself, break down and reconnect. Know you are on this path because you are  ready to reach your higher self. It’s okay to question because within you are all the answers  you seek.

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