Weeks Lost the Sex Found

           Lo was a mess since her last time seeing S. She denied him...she did what he never thought she would do, but she was at the point where she wanted more and if she couldn't have more she wanted nothing at all. Weeks went by not a call or a text from him, so she mediated and ask the universe to send her love; another week went by and a friend sets her up with Shan. Though a lot younger than Lo he was sweet and affectionate in ways she had never been shown. Their first night they dropped acid and danced around a fire. For her that was the most perfect date ever. So Lo excited for something fresh and so new to her Lovwas in a happy place until one night while laying with Shan she noticed she didn't have a happy exciting feeling being next to him and her thoughts quickly turned to S... "No." she thought to herself in her mind she was telling herself to relax and enjoy him, to not let S be on her mind. Lo continued to go back and see Shan, but the sparks weren't flying like she had felt for S so she decided it was time to take a step back, for she didn't want to hurt Shan... Two weeks go by since seeing Shan she had been getting random text from S again... she knew it 't be long before he returned. He lusted for her as much as she did for him. All worked up after weeks of no sexy time Lo hits her favorite bar. All her friends so happy to see her she felt so relaxed for the first time in a while. Lo spins around to go talk to her friends and there is K ah K so on her level... She met K by a chance encounter, and she was so comfortable with him and he with she. K kissed Lo's cheek and wrapped his armed around her while at the bar doing the same as he had done before. Lo was in he middle about PDA if your weren't her man , but she let K do it in moderation. The bar closed and K was ready to hit the bed, once at Lo's house he started kissing her shoulders , rubbing her back and squeezing on her breast. Finally Lo felt something. For weeks she couldn't get excited for anyone. Once K slide into Lo the tight and wetness he felt excited him even more. Rolling around the bed lifting up and down had them deep in the moment of pure ecstasy. Pounding Fast , hard, and deep they both orgasm at the same time. Laying on their backs they thank each other for the much needed release. Just like S; K gets up and heads out to leave. Lo was becoming use to this trend, she was almost read to go back to not wanting love , and just wanting a Fuck. Time tells all, but no matter what she does now she will always long for S.


As the tides turn for our next adventure

Published by Lo Cal IG Lo_Cal_710

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