Handy Tricks for DIY Outdoor Wedding

Are you planning a wedding and hoping to keep your costs on the low-down? Although you may need some help from Handy professionals, you’ll likely find that DIY wedding projects are more suited to your budget. Also, they’ll make for a unique wedding. Think of whimsical hanging lanterns and a picturesque, rustic dessert table. With ornate detailing and mismatched items, you’ll feel more rewarded by the great party of a wedding you’ve organized after the fact versus if you spent a huge chunk of money on machine-made décor.

Handy professionals thankfully can help with furniture assembly, clean-up and hanging shelves and pictures. Leave the heavy-weighted work to them and savour the moment as you knack away after work at three-hundred perfectly decorated party favors. From wedding invitations (say no to e-vites, these are best reserved for “Save the Date” notifications but we recommend that you keep it traditional when it comes to the real wedding invitation), to the program basics and reception signage… You can do it all, and here’s how!

Let’s talk about DIY wedding décor. From the ceremony backdrop to table toppers and the table centerpieces, you can afford to do it all on the cheap with some Handy help. Handymen can help you assemble each of your crafts to your liking. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, use the trees to your advantage by pinning up old photos of both you and the groom (and members of both your families of course) to the tree trunks. If the trees are close enough to each other, you can hand lights that cascade from one to the other. This way you’ll give the illusion of a walkway. Although signage is always a fun creative project, if you need to direct your wedding guests from one location to another you should make DIY lanterns as a passageway. Normally, receptions happen in the late-afternoon or the evening, so as the sun sets your lanterns will help lead the way.

All you need is to purchase some vacant lanterns from the dollar store and paint them (you’ll likely need some heavy-duty paint if the colors are multi-colored… ideally, you’ll want to purchase the white lanterns so that it’s easier to paint over with whichever colors your heart desires) to match your wedding colors. Then simply buy a large packet of electric lights and place them inside.

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