Here’s How Aspiring Caribbean Medical School Students Can Make the Most of Physician Shadowing

Here’s How Aspiring Caribbean Medical School Students Can Make the Most of Physician Shadowing

Jan 25, 2019, 3:57:48 PM News

If you are planning to attend medical school and pursuing a rewarding career in the medical field, shadowing a physician is one of the best extracurricular activities that can better prepare you for the plunge. It gives you the clinical exposure required to gain admission to an accredited medical school and improve your clinical knowledge and skills. Being a premedical student, you need to make your every possible effort to find a physician shadowing opportunity as it gives you clear insights into how a doctor works on a daily basis and deals with complex situations. It will also help you learn how to treat patients with different medical conditions with empathy and respect.

Gaining some experience in different healthcare settings will help you develop a better understanding of health care delivery problems and prepare you for the medical school interview. If truth be told, shadowing a physician is a great way to get acquainted yourself with different medical specificities and clinical environments.

Here are some major reasons why shadowing experience is so important for medical school applicants and how it can strengthen your medical school application.

Preparing for Medical School

Though it is not the basic medical school admission requirement, physician shadowing can gear you up for medical school. In short, physician shadowing is important for nearly every student thinking of applying to medical school. As gaining exposure to the medical field truly depicts the medical school admission committees that you are prepared for the challenging medical life and committed to becoming a doctor.

Improves Your Personal Statement

It is one of the most important admission prerequisites that applicants are required to submit along with their application. You can use your physician shadowing experience to your advantage and explain why you want to pursue a career in this challenging field. Keep in mind, physician shadowing experience matters most and can make or break your chances of medical school acceptance. So, it is a sensible approach to discuss your physician shadowing experience in your medical school application and explain how it will make you a better candidate for medical school.

Prepares You for Interview

Another great advantage of shadowing a physician is that it prepares you for the questions that will most likely come up in the interview. Physician shadowing allows medical school applicants to discuss real experiences and personal stories.  

Find Physician Shadowing Opportunities

If you want to become a competitive medical school applicant, it is advised to find physician shadowing opportunities before applying to medical school. Do your best possible efforts to find physician shadowing opportunities in hospitals and clinics. You can ask your teachers, premedical advisor, family and friends if they know doctors who are willing to be shadowed.

There many summer programs available that offer shadowing opportunities for undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in medicine. You can speak to your family doctor, he/she will help point you in the right direction. You can call private and government hospitals to ask if they have physician shadowing opportunities available. You can also find medical internship opportunities in different healthcare settings to obtain physician shadowing experience.

Shadow in Different Specialties

Gaining shadowing experience in different medical specialties and in many healthcare settings is a worthwhile choice. From working in a private clinic of the family physician to volunteering in an emergency department, operating room to a government hospital, getting diverse shadowing opportunities can give you a glimpse of different medical specialties. If you get diverse experience and work with physicians in a variety of specialties, you will develop a deeper understanding of the specialty that you want to pursue in the future.

Helps You Gain a Strong Letter of Recommendation

When you have completed your experience, don’t forget to ask the physician for a strong letter of recommendation to improve your medical school application. Provide physicians with your resume and all the important details to get a strong letter from physicians you have shadowed. Keep in mind that letters penned by physicians, instructors and researchers can help you stand out from the crowded pool of applicants.   

Bottom Line

Work experience for aspiring medical school students is essential. It is highly advised to look for physician shadowing opportunities before submitting your medical school application to gain clinical exposure required to gain admission to a Windsor Caribbean medical university.

Physician shadowing is the best opportunity for premedical students that gives them a clear sense of all the challenges they have to face while dealing with patients. Students will develop better understanding of medical principles to make effective treatment plans and improve the wellbeing of patients. It will not only help you get a clear idea of what your future career will be like, but it will also prepare you for a medical school interview, and help you choose the right medical specialty. 

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