How to choose the perfect teething necklace for your baby

When a baby gets his or her first teeth, it’s exciting to every mother. However, you have to bear in mind that this doesn’t come quietly. There are several things that the mother is supposed to consider and do for this achievement to come. If you are among those active moms then am sure you have spent sleepless nights looking for a perfect teething necklace for your baby but we have good news for you today, check this info . There are some of the instances when the baby can’t sleep because of teething and this is the time that they need you the most. In this brief, we are going to give you a complete guide on how to search and choose a perfect teething necklace for your baby.

Types of teething necklaces

For you to be able to select a perfect necklace for your baby, you first of all have to familiarize yourself with the available types of teething necklaces. As a matter of fact, there are two types:

  • Amber teething necklaces-the one that the baby wears
  • The other type is the one that moms wear so that the kid can chew on it safely.

The decision to take any of the two depends entirely on the parent’s preferences and taste. What this means is that you have to make up your mind on what type to choose and after that go for it.

Consider the area of origin

Although this is not a consideration for most of the parents, there are incidences of counterfeiting. For this reason, you should at all cost ensure that you are getting an original necklace for your baby. It should be genuine Baltic amber from the Baltic region and not a fake product. Although there are many importers of these necklaces, most of them come from any of these countries: Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania.

Color of the necklace

This is another consideration that you shouldn’t understate at all costs. However, the price may change depending on the color you choose. Most of the parents go for bright colors. White is the most expensive. There are some claims that darker colors are not very effective and even most of the parents don’t believe in them. For this reason, if you can afford then you should go for bright colors.

Choose a necklace with hand tied knots on both sides

For the risk of choking, many pediatricians are very active and cautious about teething necklaces. This can happen in case the necklace breaks and the beads scatter. To reduce the risk, most of pediatricians recommend buying a necklace with hand tied knots in between each bead. The reason for this is to ensure that even in case of breaking, only one bead will break and not all of them. You should as well be cautious and for this reason you should never leave your child to chew this necklace unsupervised.

Get the right length

The teething necklace you choose should be short enough so that the kid will pull to chew and at the same time have it fastened on the neck. When you are shopping around, look for a necklace which is between 12-15 inches. However, this necklace length will only work for babies between 4 months and 3 years. What this means is that if you are getting a necklace for an older kid, you should first of all measure their neck before you purchase the necklace.

Avoid Copal Amber

You have to bear in mind that copal is not a mature resin and for this reason, it may be risky to use it. It is less than 250 years old and for this reason, it is not a hardened and fossilized resin. Always ensure that you are not buying amber teething necklaces from some of the regions that have rich copal mines but don’t produce true amber. Some of these countries include Kenya, Madagascar and Columbia. Before you start using this device, test whether it is true amber of Copal. You can do this by simply rubbing it with a solvent such as alcohol or acetone. If you notice that the material is becoming soft and the same time sticky, then you should avoid it completely.

Avoid discounted Merchandise

When you come across some vendors selling cheap amber necklaces, avoid it. In most of the cases, the genuine price of Amber is between $20-$50. If the device is discounted, question the vendor. On matters concerning your baby, you have to be very careful. Buying a genuine teething necklace takes a lot of caution and deep research. As we had already stated, there are several cases of fake teething necklaces. So, be careful.


Now you have the right teething necklace for your daughter or son but you still have a long way to go. When you start doing this, then you should be very careful. One of the most asked question that we usually deal with is if the kid should wear teething necklace while asleep. I will not agree with this because it’s not of any help at this time. It is also advisable to use this necklace while the kid is active for safety measures.

If you go for Amber teething necklaces, then don’t let your children chew unsupervised

This is the first caution that you are supposed to bear in mind. You should never leave your baby to chew this unsupervised even for a minute. There are very many reasons for this but the main reason is that in case it breaks, it may chock the baby. This can be lethal and at some time it can cause death.

The bottom line

As a parent, there are several things that you should always be ready to put money and time investments to ensure that your kid grow well. What am trying to say is that you should take your time to research for a perfect teething necklace. If you don’t invest a lot of time, you are likely to get a bad or ineffective product. 

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