REVIEW: Bad Vibrations - A Day to Remeber

REVIEW: Bad Vibrations - A Day to Remeber

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Waiting for a new ADTR album is basically waiting for emo-kid Christmas and the band certainly ramped up the anticipation with a month’s long campaign, dropping three songs from the tracks as singles in the run up to it’s release.

And honestly, it was worth the hype. Bad Vibrations is a hard-hitting, vocally beautiful album which sees the four Floridians return to their previous strengths, after their bitter legal battle with former label Victory Records.

Bad Vibrations is definitely on the same level as Homesick and What Separates Me From You, but with a more refined professionalism and finish that comes with steep learning curves.

The band’s well documented legal struggle in 2013 bleeds through the entire album, but most notably in the emotional tracks Forgive and Forget, and Turn Off the Radio. There’s a great blend of pop punk and fuck-you heavy tracks on this album showcasing why A Day To Remember dominate the harcore/pop-punk scene.

McKinnon‘s talent as a singer as well as a metal vocalist is once again prominent on Bad Vibrations, particularly on the slower songs like We Got This. This really was an album worth the wait and a contender for best rock album of 2016. If this is what A Day to Remember can do label-free, I for one am very excited about their future

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