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Can you believe it's been 10 years since My Chemical Romances' defining emo album The Black Parade came out? I can't, given that I'm still wearing the same band t-shirts.

To honor this momentous occasion in music history, Rock Sound teamed up with a bunch of modern day punk and alt bands to re-release the album entirely made up of tribute covers. The album, which featured big names like Twenty One Pilots and Asking Alexandria, is free with this month's issue of Rock Sound.

This is a great concept and pretty well executed, overall. I found myself a little torn while listening because some of that bands have tried to cover the song as it is, while others put their own take on the track and I couldn't really decided which I like more.

cpwwaltxgaa5_d9Against the Current's cover of Teenagers is probably the biggest variation from the original, but turning the fast-paced rebel anthem into a drum-heavy ballad gave the track a new lease of life, and Chrissy Costanza's strong vocals really carry the song.

Twenty One Pilots' rendition of Cancer and Crown The Empire's cover of The Black Parade stayed pretty true to the original, and with flawless vocals on both songs, the tracks don't sink into the background but become highlights of the album.

A few of the songs do a feel a little jarring. ONE OK ROCK's The End and Palisades' House of Wolves don't quite match up vocally to the original and the slight change of styling from emo to post-hardcore just doesn't seem to fit.

But on the whole Rock Sound presents: The Black Parade is fun and a solid cover album. It's a great tribute to a fantastic album, proving strong alternatives to the original while not taking itself seriously enough to think it would compare to the original; it strikes a perfect balance.

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