Richard Liu Company JD Supports 5G Expansion in China

Richard Liu Company JD Supports 5G Expansion in China

Sep 21, 2021, 5:50:50 AM News

Richard Liu has always been a step ahead when it comes to the use of emerging technology. His interest started when he learned computer programming on his own during his spare at The People's University of China. The knowledge and interest propelled him to become one of the pioneers of online business. Today he is the CEO of a giant e-Commerce that provides online and purchasing options to more than a billion people worldwide. It serves over 300 million active customers in China alone.


It is no wonder that has some association in the expansion of 5G technology. Charity starts at home JD, whose founder has roots in China, contributes significantly to the expansion of 5G in the Chinese republic. Involvement in 5G Expansions


One of the contributions by JD is by providing industrial support to 5G device enterprises and operators. It also brings a 5G shopping experience to customers and leads technological innovation in multiple areas.


CEO of JD Retail Lei Xu, while addressing 2021 World 5G convention help in Beijing, said, “5G is a must and an accelerator of industrial development.” The technology and applications are impacting the user experience and industrial development process.


JD also provides a simpler way for tech enthusiasts to buy 5G mobile phones. The sales volume for these devices on JD increased by 400% during the first half of 2021. The transaction volume of televisions with 5G capability on JD was higher by 100% year on year at the end of August 2021. Transaction of 5G routers in the same period rose by 120%.


The number of 5G brands from January to July 2021 increased by 104% compared to the same period in 2020. A sign that 5G technology is experiencing significant qualitative and quantitative change is an increment of compatible products by 158%. Statistics on users show that they increased by 95%.


JD 5G Strategies


JD has so far developed a series of applications for retail and e-commerce scenarios. One example is live streaming, cloud shelf, and AR/VR shopping solutions based on 5G to offline retail partners and more in other industries.


JD Logistics was the first to use China’s first 5 G-powered logistics park in 2019. Since 2020 it has enabled a fully operation of 5 G-powered warehousing robots in a demo lab located at a warehouse. The expectation is that JD Logistics will come by the end of 2021 launch warehousing robots at a larger scale. The intention is to establish 5G smart logistics products, solutions, standard warehouse, and Logistics Park.


JD Health and 5G


JD utilizes 5G to provide smart health services. It enables customers to use voice commands to call a designated general practitioner under this program for telephone or video consultations or make in-person appointments by integrating the following:

• JD Health′s telemedicine service program

• Family doctor guardian star′s, smart speaker


Industrial Brain


JD′s Industrial Brain has sensors and AI algorithms that use 5G to reduce the period of Quality Assurance procedures in the manufacturing industry by almost 15 times. The potential for growth by utilizing 5G seems endless, like the online space that Richard Liu explored. His venture became a convenient delivery solution for consumers and a successful business for the founder. plans to fully open up its digital capabilities and technologies, including 5G technology. It will work closely with partners to accelerate 5G applications into different industries to achieve further growth. 

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