My (not so) secret obsession: Stromae

My (not so) secret obsession: Stromae

It all started a few years ago, maybe not so long ago, when I first set my eyes on the Belgian superstar. I was quietly sitting in my French class , not expecting to be attacked by greatness, when someone decided to blast the classroom with the sounds of “Papaoutai”.

Me being me, I laughed terribly at it ,jesting at the plotline of the music video that I didn’t care to understand.

However, one day in the safety of my home – I did it. My first ever stalking session where I listened and watched every STROMAE song I could find on old trusty YouTube. I began to gain a deeper understanding on why he was so popular within the European world.

The more I watched, the further I sank into a stage of total appreciation for the artist.

I did not expect myself to fall deeply in love with the singer’s messages and themes.
Things like this happen a lot in life as one fails to open up to new ideas and theories that move around in our world. Ignorance is dangerous. One can sink deep into the cushion covered walls – too comfortable to make a move.

I understand that my story is very trivial in terms of ignorance but however turning away from one preconception a day could help to set the world on track.

Lola Sodipo

What obsession has taken over you?

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