10 Struggles Only Dancers Understand

Hey, world! It’s Lora.

As you all know, I really love dancing! Being able to express myself in such an awesome way is what makes dancing so special for me. But there might be quite a few awkward situations which dancers can’t avoid. So this post is dedicated to those exact struggles which you may have experienced if you are a dancer. Let’s just laugh together! 😀

1. When you miss one class and they’ve learned an entire routine

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Let me just… burn in hell.

2. When no one remembers the dance

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I guess this happens way too often during rehearsals for concerts or performances and we all just look at each other like: ”What is happening?”

3. Having to response to everything with “I can’t, I have dance”

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Oh, those iconic six words… Personal Life < DANCE

4. Doing a choreography in your head instead of paying attention to the class

Image result for not paying attention in class gif

5. When you have to change your clothes for every dance in the concert over a short period of time

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I always feel like Usain Bolt when I’m running from the stage to the dressing room to change my costume. 😀 Quick changes (as they call them) are the worst!

6. Feeling like you’re really rocking the dance but then watching the video and being disappointed

Basically the story of my life. Every time I decide to record myself, that’s how I think I look like when I’m dancing:

Image result for kaycee rice gif

That’s how I actually look like:

funny dancer animated gif image

7. When the teacher says “One last time!” = 648 times

Image result for ugh gif

It’s never the last time!

8. Dancing to the songs in the supermarket

Image result for dancing in the supermarket gif

Every time I go to the supermarket, they are always playing the songs which we use for our dances. So I end up doing the choreographies in the middle of the shop.

9. Hanging around in public with your stage make-up on after a performance

Image result for makeup gif

People are sometimes scared of me…

10. When you have so many inside jokes with your crew, that it’s difficult for other people to understand you

Image result for clueless good luck charlie gif

I feel like we don’t communicate like normal people anymore because of all the inside jokes that we have. But that’s a result of everything that we have experienced together. 😀

I rarely make dance-related publications. If you enjoyed reading it, leave me a comment, so I can make more posts about dancing. You can also check out my previous post: 15 Struggles Only Book Worms Understand! Wishing you a lovely day!

xoxo, Lora

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