Easter 2017: Eggs and celebrations!

Hey, world! It’s Lora.

I finally managed to write a new blog post (yay!)… which is very rare for me lately. As you already know, I’m having three extremely important exams this year in May and I’m struggling with finding time for my hobbies.

*says she doesn’t have free time*

*keeps sitting on the couch and scrolling through Instagram posts*

Anyways… As Easter is one of my favourite holidays, I decided to make a post all about my Easter 2017 celebrations. In Bulgaria we decorate and dye chicken eggs in different colours for the occasion. There’s also a tradition where each person hits the other person’s hard-boiled egg with their own. This is known as “egg tapping” (peep the link for some more interesting info) The egg which didn’t crack is the winner. If your egg is strong and beats the others, it means you’ll be healthy during the whole year. This year I wanted to improvise a little with the egg decorations and make my eggs look funkier. So here are some techniques I created and tried.


My first idea was to make colourful sprinkles on the egg. I also added some sparkly details with a fabric paint pen. The consistency that comes out of this pen is super squishy but when it dries out, it looks really cool.


The next idea is totally my favourite! I basically found it on Pinterest but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. The eggs should look like sleeping girls after the transformation. The design is beautiful and plain – that’s exactly why I like it. And you’ll only need a permanent marker of your choice to create it. When I finished drawing the face of the girl, I drew a flower crown and added dots in pastel colours with a cotton bud.



After that, I decorated a few eggs using a traditional Bulgarian technique. I put on a glove and coloured it with paints in different colours. There are no rules, so I just experimented and created a mess. When I was ready, I started holding the egg in my hand, so the paint can leave some colourful patterns on it.



My little brother loves dragons and dinosaurs. That’s why I created a design that looks just like a dino egg. I used the technique with the glove ↑ to paint the eggs. Then, I sticked on some googly eyes, added thorns on the back and funny faces, so they can look just like dinosaurs. (…what was I thinking? dinosaurs can’t make silly faces…)



For those who don’t celebrate Easter in this way, leave me a comment below and tell me more about your traditions at home. I would love to read your thoughts and learn how you celebrated this lovely holiday. I hope I’ll find more free time for my blog very soon! Bye, guys!

xoxo, Lora

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