Melanie Martinez – "Mrs. Potato Head" Music Video!

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It’s been a long time since my last post because I’ve been busy lately. I somehow managed to make this post and I’m very excited to show you something – Melanie Martinez’s new music video for the song “Mrs Potato Head”!! I’ve been literally waiting for this video to come out for so long and we (CryBabies) finally have the chance to watch it. The official music video came out on 1st December. In an interview , Melanie said that “Mrs. Potato Head” was “the most challenging song to write, but it was worth it.” She also directed the video herself.

The video begins with Cry Baby watching television in her house. She sees an advertisement for diet pills, and begins to believe she needs to be skinnier. She goes to the bathroom it tears, puts on red lipstick, a blonde wig, and swallows a diet pill to make her look like the women in the advertisement. Then, Cry Baby changes the channel to find Mrs. Potato Head greeting her husband. He gives her a note for a facelift appointment. She tries to act happy, but she is nervous on the inside. On the appointment day, Mr. Potato Head shows the doctors what he would like his wife to look like. Then, the surgery is shown. When they get home, he takes her bandages off and sees that the surgery went completely wrong. Mrs. Potato Head’s face is now ruined and ugly. And because of that, the cruel husband leaves his wife to be another woman, while Mrs. Potato Head sees all of this from the window in her room. Cry Baby is affected by the show and realizes that she’s perfect just the way she is. ❤

The message of the song is quite obvious about how nobody is ever happy with their look. This song is criticizing the way we have begun to think about our bodies… And I think that we should definitely think about this more often…

xoxo, Lora

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