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Hey,world! ❤ I'm Lora.

  I do a lot of fun activities in summer and I want to share them all with you. So a couple of days ago… I FLEW ON A PLANE!! My grandpa (George Obretenov) is a pilot and a retired parachutist. He has 8 world records in parachutism. He was a coach of the national parachutism team and has more than 4 500 jumps. In summer, he often takes me and my brother on short sky trips like this one. I love being high in the clouds! I haven’t been on a plane for a long time and the experience was different now… when I’m older. I can say that it was even more exciting! We flew over the town of Montana and saw the river which flows across it, the dam and the local stadium. It was time well spent with my grandpa…those precious moments in the sky are just unforgettable.

SkyBoy 004

SkyBoy 005

SkyBoy 017

SkyBoy 011

SkyBoy 014

SkyBoy 015

SkyBoy 021

I hope I'm a good student of my grandpa because he is a wise man. He cannot only teach me how to fly but he can be my guiding light. Spending time with people that we love is priceless. Grandpa is my hero...

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xoxo, Lora

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