Ways to Increase Your Social Media Presence

Ways to Increase Your Social Media Presence

Mar 26, 2021, 12:16:45 PM Business

Social media is a part of our lives and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. New social media platforms crop up every year, and it seems like every few years the world hops from one platform to the next. Businesses caught onto the social media trend over a decade ago, and now marketing and corporate communications have been more or less accepted by users of social media.


For your business, though, social media might seem like a frivolity. After all, your goal is to acquire and satisfy customers, right? With these tips from SEO Guru Atlanta, you can learn how to boost your social media presence and use it to improve your bottom line.


How To Grow Your Social Media Presence


Growing your social media presence is a relatively simple concept but it can seem complex and difficult to execute. Social media relies on algorithms which are used to determine what content people see and when they see it. Content that gets more engagement gets shown to more people.


What is engagement? Engagement is any action taken on that social media post. Likes, comments, shares, and clicks are the most important engagement metrics for social media posts.


Your content is connected with your social media profile, and these platforms are able to determine whether your profile is creating content that people want to engage with. The more engaging content you create, the faster your social media presence grows.


Tips for Ways To Increase Your Social Media Presence


Create quality content on a schedule.


Content is king, and has been for many years. People on social media are generally on it during their free time. In other words, they’re bored and they’re looking for content to help assuage their boredom. Thing is, social media is not just about competing with other content creators. You have to compete with your prospect’s friends and family posting pictures of babies, puppies, and kittens. You have to compete with scantily-clad women, news articles meant to provoke outrage, and funny memes. This isn’t easy, and hopefully it gives you an idea of what you’re up against.


When deciding what content to create, keep your audience in mind. What are they REALLY interested in, and why would they follow your business? What could you post that will get their attention while also drawing attention to your brand? Most importantly, what could you make that is valuable to their lives? Use these questions to guide the content you create.


Not only that, but you want to post on a regular schedule. Keeping your content on a schedule allows you to take advantage of the algorithm’s penchant for rewarding creators who constantly post good content.


Actively engage with your following, no matter how large or small.


Your following is not just numbers on a screen. They’re people with their own hopes, dreams, pain points, and troubles. Those who are gracious enough to interact with your social media pages deserve to be treated with respect. Interacting with your following makes it more likely that people will engage with you, which improves your future reach on the platform.


But what about people who are negative? Use those as an opportunity to show your company’s values. Instead of telling them off, let them know that their comment is appreciated and offer to help solve their problem. Otherwise, you can block those who cause trouble.


Collaborate with other influencers.


Other influencers have their own following, and some influencers have followings that are similar to your own perfect customer. Collaborations can be a great opportunity for both parties.


However, you will need to offer something of value to the company or creator that you are collaborating with. Some influencers are happy to accept sponsorships or free products, whereas others may require more such as future collaborations on your website or guest posts.


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