Why Should One File a Car Accident Police Report?

Why Should One File a Car Accident Police Report?

Dec 31, 2021, 1:31:33 PM News

Importance Of Filing a Car Accident Report

The police report serves as documentation of the accident as well as an independent third-party report on the incident. This can be more persuasive as evidence than what looks to be a rumor or a retelling of the story from your or the other driver's perspective. The police record will be required by insurance companies, and having it will be crucial if you decide to file a personal injury case.

Furthermore, a police report offers a plethora of data. You may also contact a car accident lawyer in Gainesville, GA. Here is some of the information that a police report might provide to assist you to prove your case:

  • The incident is documented. The date, time, and location of the accident will be recorded in a police report. If the careless driver tries to dodge blame by denying the collision occurred, this can assist you in documenting the incident.
  • It will have all the contact information. The police report will supply you with contact information for the other motorist and his insurance company, which you'll need to make a claim, as well as information regarding witnesses to the accident.
  • The police officer will record your and the other driver's statements and incorporate them in the police report. This will tell you how the other motorist believes the accident occurred, and it may include incriminating admissions in which he confesses fault. 
  • What happened was described in detail. The police officer will describe how the accident happened as well as his conclusions on who was at fault. The report will also detail any vehicle damage, injuries sustained by victims, meteorological conditions, and any contributing variables that led to the incident.

Consequences Of Not Filing a Car Accident Report

Failure to follow the law may result in legal repercussions. Any delays in filing or reporting an automobile accident are only permissible if the injuries are serious enough to preclude any paperwork from being completed. There are consequences if no report is made to a local police officer, department of motor vehicles, or insurance company.

Failure to report a car collision can result in a minimum of six months in county jail and a $1,000 fine. A driver's license might be revoked as well. When a driver's license is suspended, he or she is unable to drive until the suspension is lifted. For accidents involving physical injuries, the average settlements for car accident is $15,443. The typical vehicle accident compensation is $3,231 for accidents that merely result in property damage.

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