Best countries to study MBA

Best countries to study MBA

In the present times, MBA graduates are one of the high salary bracket employees across the world. It is one of the primary reasons behind the increase in the number of admission applications for exams like GMAT or GRE worldwide. For several aspirants around the globe, studying MBA abroad is a dream come true.

Studying MBA can prove to be the right choice for your future. Apart from a better-earning perspective, this program teaches you practical skills and experiences essential in day-to-day business situations. 

MBA Abroad: Is it worth it?

Studying MBA abroad can be profitable if you intend to leap your career transition. Today, the MBA program has been provided by several universities worldwide. Studying MBA abroad can expose you to a wide range of experiences. Apart from getting introduced to new cultures, you will learn new teaching methods and skills. 

Below I have listed a few countries which offer top top MBA programs worldwide worldwide. Read along to know which country provides the best MBA programs that serve you in the long term. 

Best countries to study MBA 


The US colleges are one of the top universities to provide education worldwide. Home to several leading universities worldwide, the United States is known to have exemplary MBA programs. Six US universities are in the top ten list of about QS Global MBA Ranking 2021. Furthermore, around 20 US colleges have been in the top 50 colleges of this list. 

Most universities provide MBA programs with a two-year duration along with a summer internship. Universities focus on giving real-life experience to their students. Students also get more time to developing skills, networking and create more career opportunities. Also, MBA grads are known to get more employment opportunities in the developed countries like the US. 

In a nutshell

  • Universities in the United States are known for their top-class MBA programs around the globe.
  • Employers are known to pay a high amount of remuneration to US MBA grads.
  • Two-year MBA program structure.
  • Hands-on-experience by internships.


Germany is one European nations known for its exemplary education system. Being one of the world's most robust economies, Germany provides good opportunities to business grads for studies and employment. Students here find better networking opportunities that prove to be beneficial for them throughout their careers.  

Germany also provides different MBA programs such as Full-time MBA programs, a Part-time MBA program, an Executive MBA, and a Dual MBA program. Several universities expect their students to pursue temporary job roles while pursuing an MBA program. It gives them the experience of working in corporate cultures during this period in the MBA school. 

In a nutshell 

  • These universities offer them a wide range of MBA programs.
  • Better employment opportunities for the individuals who want to settle abroad.
  • A wide range of courses taught in the English language.
  • Most courses in the English language can be pursued free of cost. 


Spain has become another popular destination among students who want to prefer MBA abroad. Students worldwide apply to these schools; however, they are more preferred by Latin American students. Its high financial status and rich culture also draw students. As per the QS Global MBA Rankings 2021, three Spanish universities have achieved the prestigious spots in the top 20 MBA universities. 

In a nutshell

  • Several Spanish universities accept candidates with average scores. 
  • These universities encourage students to pursue internships, work experiences.
  • The country provides a wide range of specializations and courses.
  • Spain offers choice to pursue a course in the English language.


Today, UK has become one of the most widely followed nations in terms of providing quality education. Choosing MBA from a UK-based industry can be a life-altering decision for your career. Business colleges in the United Kingdom offer a decent ROI for the students in the long term. Apart from providing world-class faculties and curriculum, universities in the UK are known for their exceptional education programs. 

In a nutshell 

  • You can get a range of good universities here, including Oxford University, LBS. 
  • UK based universities are known for their rigorous curriculum, which promotes candidate's analytical reasoning and thinking. 
  • You will get good ROI by pursuing employment from UK based universities.


France is known for being the third most favored nation for providing MBA education worldwide. You may even get good job opportunities here in France. As per the QS Global MBA Ranking 2021, HEC Paris has been ranked in 5th position worldwide for its exemplary MBA program.

The strong reputation of French MBA programs can be justified because every year, thousands of applicants reach out to apply for French universities. Most MBA programs range from the time duration of 12 to 18 months.

In a nutshell 

  • France is Europe's first nation to provide an MBA program. 
  • France is the home to more than 25 Fortune 500 companies.


According to the QS Global MBA Rankings 2021, The National University of Singapore (NUS) ranks in the top 30 MBA colleges. NUS has continuously maintained its reputation worldwide. According to another recent survey conducted by the Financial Times in the year 2020, NUS has secured the second-best university's rank in Asia. 

Singapore's growing economy has attracted several business ventures to invest in the country. They are enabling you to get better employment opportunities. MBA programs provided by Singapore based universities are flexible, having provided both part-time and full-time MBA programs. 

In a nutshell

  • It provides MBA courses in both English and other languages.
  • Students can quickly get scholarships and education loans.
  • Its growing economy provides better opportunities for students studying here. 

Benefits of studying MBA abroad:


When you opt to study abroad, you find various travel opportunities across the globe. People travel abroad for various reasons, whether it's on their bucket list or for professional reasons. By traveling abroad, you can learn about the traditions and cultures of foreign nations. Traveling not only adds value to your experiences but also broadens your world view and increase your knowledge.

Diverse cultures:

You get to experience diverse cultures and get acquainted with the respective place's lifestyle while traveling abroad. Several universities around the world work for diversifying their culture. Also, meeting with students from different can alter your life perspectives for the best. 

Better employment rates:

Students who have studied abroad are preferred because they are resourceful, easy to adapt, and open-minded. Several surveys have shown that recruiters prefer students who have studied abroad. Apart from this, it can open a vast range of opportunities for you both in your homeland and abroad. These students are offered higher salary packages in comparison to their counterparts. 

Research based education systems:

Every country has its ways of teaching students. Countries like India focus on theoretical knowledge, whereas several other countries promote self-learning, critical thinking, or practical learning. By studying abroad, you will be exposed to various learning techniques and styles. This experience will not only develop your mind but also increase your knowledge gaining capacity. 


By living in an entirely new country, you expose yourself to a multitude of opportunities. Living alone brings a sense of independence to your life. You start developing your personality, lifestyle, and goals. All these changes boost your confidence, which can be seen in your profile. Your life abroad exposes you to a significant number of challenges and develops your leadership and communication skills.

Expanding network:

You will develop several new relationships when living abroad. By meeting with new people, you will understand their perspectives and creates your own. By meeting with new people, you will develop your network and connections. Some connections will lead to new life experiences, whereas others will help you land into internships and employment opportunities.  


MBA programs come under some of the popular categories of the world's renowned educational programs. Pursuing this program would enable you to get the required career boost. Pursuing MBA abroad would also allow you to get the international exposure required by the employers. 

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