Sugar-free Monday - Diabetes

Sugar-free Monday - Diabetes

Took me 2 years to rediscover my love for T-ARA's 2014 Sugar-free song! 


If you have not heard about it, you can listen to it on Youtube

Stumbling across this song was purely by accident when I opened up this video of T-ARA's progress from 2006 to 2016. Having lost touch with T-ARA since their controversy, I was really curious if they uploaded any more songs following their QBS-Like a wind in 2013/4. Naturally, the catchy beat of the song caught my attention and I was immediately drawn to it after the 1st play. 

Apart from the catchy beat, the choreography in the chorus part attracted me the most! I really liked how much they exaggerate the sugar-free title with their hands doing the motion of adding sugar into an invisible cup of tea on top of an invisible table. The dance move following that was as swift as their lyrics and that was totally mesmerizing! 

Even though there were plentiful repeats about "Sugar-free" and its chorus, I guess it stuck a chord with me about making healthy life choices. 

The title of the song literally meant watch what you eat.

Sugar, when broken down in the body, becomes glucose, one of the building blocks of many macromolecules in our bodies and it is one of the major sources of energy. However, too much of these glucose in the blood can lead to many complications, with Diabetes as the worse. 

There are two types of diabetes, and if you are not diagnosed with diabetes as a child, you are safe from Type I diabetes. In order to utilize the glucose in our blood, our body will break them down and generate energy in mini-factories called mitochondria in the cells. However, excess glucose will be stored for future use (e.g. exercising). Before glucose can be stored, an important hormone (called insulin) from the pancreas (an organ lying posteriorly of the stomach) is needed. 


Type I diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas cannot produce insulin and as a result, the body is unable to store glucose. This is why, as management of Type I diabetes, these people need insulin jabs - to provide their body with insulin to allow storing of glucose.


However, if you are Type I diabetes free and constantly exposed yourself to food with high sugar content, you are at risk of Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes, unlike Type I, is when your body overproduces insulin and your cells become unreceptive to these insulin molecules. In this scenario, insulin jabs will not help because your body cannot respond to insulin. The only way to manage Type II diabetes is to control the intake of sugar and constantly monitoring their glucose level to ensure the levels do not exceed their normal limits.

Exceeding normal limits of blood glucose can bring about many symptoms including high blood pressure, frequent thirst and hunger, frequent urination (especially night time) as well as numbness in the extremities. Complications can also arise if diabetes is not well managed. For instance, diabetic retinopathy (in cases where the sugar damages the blood vessels in the eyes and cause visual problems) or diabetic neuropathy (in which your nerves are damaged and you cannot feel anything) can have a very traumatic effect on the body. 

Apart from being resistant to insulin, the inability of the body to produce insulin or proper function insulin hormone due to diseases can also result in Type II diabetes.

In order to avoid falling prey to Type II diabetes, it is imperative to consume food in moderation. Avoid soft drinks whenever possible because of their extremely high sugar content. For example, one can of cola (368g) contains 33g of sugar! Almost 3 cans of cola can contain more than enough sugar to make a cheesecake of the standard size!


So next time, watch your sugar intake! 

Always remember, prevention is better than cure!

Relating back to the song, this song reminded me to be sugar-free when I was in the supermarket down the soft drink aisle. In the end, I walked out of the supermarket with Ayataka Japanese Green tea which has 0 grams of sugar in it!

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