7 Advantages of Mobile App Over Website: A Guide For Your Business

advantages of mobile app over website

7 Advantages of Mobile App Over Website: A Guide For Your Business

Today, there are 2.05 billion digital buyers, and 11.2% of businesses are in e-commerce sales. Amidst all, only 42% of small businesses have mobile apps and are running successfully in the industry.

If your company has a functional website, great, but you cannot deny that a functional website is not enough to achieve a business vision. You need to think of something out of the box for customers.

In the world of digital technology, mobile applications have left no more luxury for a business, however, a necessity. With this, companies get the opportunity to target customers anytime and anywhere to understand their needs and expectations. 

Customers also feel the leverage of getting anything just a click away. The two-way process helps to build better business and customer relationships. 

To put more light on mobile application benefits for companies, let's check out some interesting facts revealed by Statista of the ecommerce world. 

  • In the US, shoppers prefer to compare prices in stores using mobile phones.
  • More than 35% of US customers choose mobile shopping during online purchases.
  • In 2021, 73% (dab to be) sales will be through online mobile shopping.
  • Ecommerce stores are generating more than 50% of revenue only from 10% of customers.

Let's have a look at the benefits of a mobile app over websites. 

If the aforementioned statistics left you surprised, and now you think why people opt for mobile apps rather than a highly functional website. Don't take so much stress, because here we will discuss the amazing advantages of mobile app over website. How can you target an audience and generate revenues? Let's begin;

Effective Advantages Of Mobile App Over Website

1. Boost Brand Recognition

People spend most of their time with mobile phones, whether online shopping or surfing on social media apps. Therefore major brands take advantage of users' habits and shift brick and mortar stores to online shopping. 

Now the trend is moving ahead, and tech-savvy want everything in mobile. So, faster and user-friendly mobile apps are a perfect approach to reach and boost business reach. Mobile applications on the user's phone also motivate them to shop in their leisure time rather than always looking for a desktop for something new. 

In a nutshell, you can always be in the user's phone and mind via a mobile app. 

2. Improved Marketing Communication

As the mobile app keeps connecting you with customers 24*7, you will get more opportunities to interact with customers, provide information and assist in their shopping. These simple steps connect more and more users with your business that ultimately affects your profit ratio. 

Therefore, it becomes necessary for every business to bring this approach. If you are worried about budget, you can pick an app cost calculator to know how much you need to set a budget aside.  

The power of mobile phone apps cannot be restricted to customer and brand interaction, but also you can offer an array of deals, discounts and coupons to customers and boost sales.  

3. Enhanced Customer Experience

Trendy customers always expect something new and better from companies. So if you keep on websites as only a medium for customers to connect with your brand, it will not happen in the long run. They want something easy to reach, combined with machine learning, artificial intelligence, AR & VR etc. These tools benefit companies too and provide insight related to:

  • What do your customers like? 
  • What is their usual shopping time?
  • How much can they spend on shopping? 

These questions may look general, but they have the capability to increase your sales. You just need to focus on basic details and optimize mobile apps.

4. Improved Visitors Engagement

If you know you can use customers' devices to enhance their experience, why don't you take advantage of it? Today, GPS, camera, microphone and many other mobile features assist in customer navigation and improve customer engagement. Let's know some of them:

  • Camera: Mobile phone camera is not just for after shopping pics, but your customers can use it before shopping. The latest shopping apps show results according to the user's selected pictures. It makes shopping easy. Many websites allow users to upload images of time on a business's social media accounts via an app after shopping. 
  • GPS: GPS can be used to track customer location and assist in using geo tags rather than adding address details. It eliminates the hassle of adding manual shopping details and saves time.
  • Microphone: These work as great assistants for users and allow verbalized shopping experience. 

5. Higher Conversion Rate as Compared to Web

Mobile apps have the advantage of a higher conversion rate, this is the only thing that matters for business, and it directly contributes to revenue. So, if you are still thinking about why you must go with a mobile app, the clear answer is a "better conversion rate." Let's check out some more motives for using the mobile business app: 

  • Features like push notifications are the ultimate assistant in improving conversion rate.
  • The app saves all customers' information, such as payment and shipping details, motivating repeat orders from customers.
  • Users can take advantage of cameras in mobile apps to place orders.
  • Integrated mobile wallet is a one-step checkout process that users highly appreciate.

As these features look amazing, still you are on a board to save a few bucks check out marketplace app development cost. You will get amazing suggestions on the budget. 

6. Increase Average Order Value

Well, it is not easy to say what motivates customers to shop from your mobile business app, but yes, here we sum up some common elements that improve users experience; 

  • One-click order: Users never want to experience multiple clicks that take you to the checkout process. Therefore simple and easy mobile app layout helps in quick purchasing.
  • Push notification: Customers love special discounts, deals, vouchers, and coupons to reduce buying costs. Push notifications become an alarm for them to see and buy what is in.
  • Easy payment: With mobile apps, you can offer numerous payment options such as plastic cards, mobile payments, COD to customers.

7. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

If you check out the cart abandonment rate, you won't believe that it is only 20% for mobile apps, whereas 68% for desktop websites and 97% for mobile sites. It was just because of the simple mobile apps checkout process that serves great advantages of mobile app over website. Users feel no distraction and love the shopping experience from the app. 

Let's Wrap Up!!

We all know that it's not easy for companies to achieve success in a rat race of competition. 

Still, if the mobile app is showing good hope, why don't you try it? 

But make sure your app must look professional and easy to navigate design.  

For this, do not hesitate to hire professional mobile app development companies that can prove a great asset for your business's success. 

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