GCSE Results - A* students are the best?

GCSE Results - A* students are the best?

so GCSE results day for 2016 has happened. I am over the moon with my results but there is one thing that frustrates and annoys me more than anything - the fact that it's only ever A* students that really get recognised.

In no way am I trying to imply that I dislike A* students and what annoys me is not their fault but I want to let people know that it is not just A/A* students that work hard to get their grades.

A lot of people probably think that A* students worked so hard to get them grades. Yes, they did probably work hard to get them results - but does it never occur to anyone that those getting Cs have to work unbelievely hard sometimes too?

I feel it is made that only those who get As/A* are those who work the hardest but this is nowhere near true. When you think about those who are struggling to get a C in maths, having to go with extra tutoring and help to try and even get that C, does that not seem like hard work to some people? Yes, the C grade stuff is easier than the A grade stuff but as a reminder, for some people that C grade stuff can be incredibly hard.

Cs and Bs are made to look like grades that aren't that good as usually all that's mentioned is A and A*. Another reminder: Cs and Bs are not bad grades. Cs and Bs means you have passed.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is for some A*s come easier and for others Cs are hard to get. There's just so much recognition for those top grades that sometimes I feel like everyone forgets about those who don't get top grades but do still try incredibly hard.

Just because someone got a higher grade does not mean they necessarily tried any harder.

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