How I rate a book

Personally, I think adding a rating to a book is one of the most important parts of a book review or even just sharing your opinion on the book without having to write reasons. By giving a book a rating, I think it gives an overall opinion on the book.  I want to share how I rate a book and tips on how you can rate a book, though you can obviously rate a book however you like!

The most common method of rating for a book I've seen is either out of five or out of ten. I prefer to rate books out of five as goodreads, a website/app that allows you to track your reading, allows you to rate books out of five stars and I also find it gives a much more summarized opinion. Occasionally if I'm having a real struggle on a rating, I will use a 0.5 rating. However, you might prefer to give a much more specific rating and out of ten is good for this.

I always think about what rating I would be giving a book throughout the process of reading it as I find this helps when deciding it's overall rating. Sometimes I'll find a book really quite slow at the start but the ending is amazing. This often lead to giving a book a higher rating that I probably thought it deserved as I would be so focused on the ending of the book. Sometimes its good to either wait a while before give it a rating or go back to the rating a few days later and review it.

So far I've only given one a book a rating of one star. My most common ratings are three, four or five stars. This is just a very general idea on how I rate a book out of five:

One star means I found too much wrong with this book that made me dislike it and I did not find the book enjoyable.

Two stars means I didn't really enjoy this book but it was bearable.

Three stars means I found it had some areas which I didn't enjoy or maybe need more work on but in general I enjoyed the book.

Four stars means it was a great book but didn't feel it was quite the five star read. This could be because of a variety of factors.

Fives stars means that I thoroughly enjoyed the book and didn't really have a problem with it.

I now usually try to rate a book about everything to do with the book, the characters, plot etc.., but sometimes the book may get a slightly higher rating despite annoying characters etc. because I just purely enjoyed the book and my enjoyment was worth more than those whiny characters.

There is no wrong or right way to rate a book but I thought I'd share mine for anyone who is struggling with it.

I'd love to hear how you rate books and any tips you have for rating a book!




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