4 styles of metal bar stool!

4 styles of metal bar stool!

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Nowadays kitchens rely on originality and the bar stool in metal asserts itself as a must. Very current, it is revisited from all angles to satisfy all tastes. This decorative accessory combines comfort and aesthetics; we bring you to meet all its specificities!

With or without a folder?

Stylized in all forms, the bar stool is primarily a decorative accessory and comfortable elements that will make your aperitifs around a bar wood or industrial bar more fun! You choose, according to your wishes if you prefer the comfort of a chair or the design of the stool.

The vintage side exploited and appreciated!

Because the industrialist rhymes with the old, the old, the stamp but especially the vintage, we say yes to this classic so nicely brought up to date. Its design is inspired by the old stools of industrial workshops; it owes all its charm to its timeless base. We remain much attached to this type of vintage furniture that is timeless.

Comfort and design

There are two teams, the comfort team and the team decor. When it allows, we combine comfort and design! For a seat with ultimate comfort, opt for velvet. This very soft material will warm your guests and your furniture. The design prevails frequently in the customers who favor the decoration aspect. We then opt for stools entirely in wood or metal that fit perfectly in our interiors.

Zoom on the different styles of stools proposed:

At each stool his own style. Rather industrial or rather Scandinavian, rather vintage or rather classic, rather comfort or rather design, you are spoiled for choice. A popular accessory for decorating, the stool works well with the standing table, the bar counter or the simple bar.


High, low, adjustable, black, red, Stools can be declined in many different ways. Alter ego specializes in the design stool but the models are just as varied. In addition, a kitchen stool will not necessarily fit in a living room or a business! The purpose of this section is to advise you in your decision.

Here are 3 important points to consider:


First, we advise you to choose your stool according to the room in which it will be. It is best to bring a stool that matches the theme of your decoration.

Design bar stool in imitation leather ALTO COMET bar stool with plastic shell. Did you know world best online store give you very cheap rates on bar stools if you want to see their quality to see here.

The color of the stool:

The color strongly modifies the style of the stool and several possibilities are available to you. You can choose the same color as your worktop, or the same color as your furniture, or a color that completely contrasts with your interior.

The material of the stool:

Once again, the material of your stool will depend on the atmosphere of your room. An oak kitchen will more easily accommodate a traditional stool in a wood style. Conversely, a stool finished in brushed steel will find its place in a more modern kitchen.

The considerable number of models we have allows us to complete most interiors. For example, the COMET red design barstool will be more suitable for a modern kitchen than the ALTO model, which, with its black upholstered leather seat and slim design, will bring comfort and a touch of modernity into a more sober interior. .


Of course, the height of the stool will probably be the most important factor in your final decision. Regarding this aspect, the need will always be to keep enough space between the table and the legs for the comfort of your guests. Be sure to keep a distance of approximately 20 to 25 centimeters between the seat of your stool and the underside of the table. The standard sizes of tables and bars allow us to categorize our design stools as follows:

Low stool

Approximately 50 cm in size, the low stools are ideal for standard dining tables (75cm high). These are also regularly used as a simple decorative element.

Stool 65cm high

A stool 65cm high is ideal for a bar or a kitchen table 85 to 95 cm high. ALTEREGO offers you many references in this category.

Barstool (75 cm and +)

Some bars or high tables have a height of 100 to 115 cm. We recommend a barstool with a height of 75 cm or more to be comfortably installed.

Adjustable stool

If the stool is intended for several places or the dimensions of the high table or the kitchen bar are not standard, this category is for you. They will adapt to your needs according to the situations and the users. Refer to the product sheets of our adjustable stools to know the minimum and maximum seat heights according to the models.

Stool heights - design stool buying guide


Stool files - buying guide of the design stool

When we talk about the back of a stool, we obviously talk about comfort. A small backrest like our GLAMO bar stool will only support your lower back. If you want the same support as a chair, opt for the KWATRO model.

However, the folder will undoubtedly increase the visibility of the stool in your room. Thus, if a smaller file brings less comfort, it nevertheless reduces the importance of the stool in your room.


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