5 Ways to Work with the Wedding Planner You Hire

5 Ways to Work with the Wedding Planner You Hire

Jan 31, 2018, 6:29:04 PM Creative

Organizing a wedding can get pretty stressful and overwhelming. Therefore, get the help you need if you can afford to hire a wedding planner. This will make your work so much easier, plus you will have the advantage of working with someone who is experienced in pulling together such events.

However, it is quite easy to clash with the individual given that you might have different ideas about what needs to be done. Here is how to minimize chances of that and ensure that you have a great working relationship that will result in a grand wedding for you.

1.     Tell your story

After you have hired the planner, you need to tell them your story so that they can understand you better and know what kind of things would work for you.

You can share with them the story of how you and your groom met, what both of your interests are and the kind of families that you have. You can then let them now the kind of wedding that you would like to have.

With this kind of information, the planner will be equipped to know what will work for you and what will not work for you.

2.     Great communication

You will need to communicate a lot with this individual. You need to update them about what is going on and the decisions that you have made. They also need to inform you about how the details of the wedding are progressing.

Pick a communication channel that you are both comfortable with. You can call, text or even email each other. Make yourself accessible so that the planner can consult you on all major decisions.

Respond in a timely manner to all the questions that you are asked.

3.     Priority list

Have a priority list of the most important things that should be taken care of. This is so that in case the money is not enough, you can ensure that at least the most important things got done. Highlight your priorities right from the start.

4.     Check with the vendors

You need to have regular meetings with your vendors, so you can keep track of whether you are all on the same page. The planner can confirm all your appointments before you go. However, you need to know that your planner may not be available over the weekend since they typically work on those days managing other weddings

5.     Be open

Be open to the suggestions made by the planner. If you do not agree with the suggestions, then you can turn them down. However, note that most planners make the suggestions for a good reason, so try and understand why they made the proposal.

Also, keep in mind that the planner also wants your wedding to go well and they are not working against you. Knowing that you both have the same focus can help you to work together in harmony.


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