DIY Steps To Remove Mold From Your Air Ducts And Home

DIY Steps To Remove Mold From Your Air Ducts And Home

Sep 17, 2018, 4:14:34 PM Opinion

For homeowners out there, DIY mold removal can be a great option, only when the mold issue is not overwhelming. In case it is, there is no other option but to give experts a call for that. EPA recommends that anyone with mold covering over 10 sq. ft. should immediately contact a specialist in the surrounding area for help and to be under the safety belt. If your place is not that highly infested, it is mandatory to follow some of the mold removal steps for cleaning mold in a drip pan, ductwork and even on the evaporator coil.

Choose a perfect cleaning solution:

The first point to follow in this regard is fixing mold issues by finding the right mold removal agent. If you are currently looking for an at-home solution, there are four simple options you can choose.

  • You can try to mix favorite household detergent with an equal amount of water
  • You can further create a mix of baking soda detergent solution, which is a combination of detergent with baking soda and water
  • You can also create a combination with borax and water. It will be 1 part borax and 16 parts water
  • Furthermore, you can try combining 1 part bleach with around 16 parts water

If you do not mind spending some dollars, there are multiple commercial products available designed to remove mold. These products will kill and then remove mold. For any safety practice, you should always purchase EPA registered mold removal disinfectant, as labeled for the only HVAC use only.

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Put up some protective gears:

It is not just about the mold you should be protecting from, but also the chemicals in cleaner too. Whenever trying to clean up mold, EPA would always suggest you wear a mask and the team will suggest you to we are coveralls, rubber gloves and even protective eyewear for keeping the harmful allergens and mold spores away from your site and also from harming any part of your body. These are some of the easy steps on how to get rid of mold in air ducts.

Turning off HVAC system:

For accessing cooling and heating unit, ducts, evaporator and drop pan safely, you need to turn the HVAC system off during mold removal. It can also help in avoiding spreading of the fumes of the cleaning solutions and harmful mold spores, whenever you are up for cleaning.

Vacuum moldy areas after scrubbing:

Once you have prepared yourself completely for mold removal, you have to start scrubbing. You need to apply that cleaning solution onto mold areas with the help of a wet rag, light brush, and the spray bottle. Then you can let it sit for a few minutes. After that, scrub areas in circular motions for removing mold. Later, use disposable towels for getting rid of any excess solution and vacuum area as the added precaution.

Make sure to follow these steps and removing mold from air ducts seems to be an easy step for you to follow. But be sure of the safety measures first.

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